Best Ankle Braces of 2015: Our Recommendations

Lets get straight to the point, when it comes to your health then you can’t take any risks, and it is definitely worth going the extra mile to make sure you have the best products available. The best ankle braces in the world have been reviewed here on the site, and you can feel free to go through and look for more detail, but for those looking for the very best, we’ve packed them into this post to (hopefully) make your decision easy.

First recommended model: Active Ankle T2 - The average rating of 4.3/5 stars on amazon says it all.


Active Ankle Review

You can read our full review of the T2 on our site, but the gist is that it is one of the best braces you’re likely to find, with sports coaches and physios all around the world recommending them for use in sports and exercise. The rigid part of the brace offers a lot of support and though it is maybe not the most ‘comfortable’, that’s not what we need it for, and it does a great job of avoiding both types of sprains, and it is barely noticeable and certainly doesn’t cause any extra pain to wear it. Some have described it as ‘almost impossible’ to roll your ankle whilst wearing this, making it amazing for prevention of injury as well as recovering from longer term issues. Over 60% of people have given this a five star review on Amazon, telling you all you need to know about this incredible product.

McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap – Next Recommendation

The McDavid 195 is another best seller, and there’s a reason for that, it is exceptional quality and even verges on comfortable, with more material than the T2 and a wrap around, lace up design, and ‘figure six’ straps to help with support. It is less rigid in terms of material than the above, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in support and is great for avoiding injury and supporting the recovery from sprains or other ailments. The McDavid 195 fits either left or right ankle, so no need to worry about buying a unique model for each ankle, it’ll fit either with ease

Available in sizes from X Small to X Large, the McDavid has a 4.5 star average on reviews on amazon, which are extremely complimentary, with everyone from hikers to soccer players recommending this product for weak or recovering ankles.

Notable Mentions:

Some other models are great for specific needs, and you may be able to find one slightly more suited to your needs, if you have specialist problems such as PTTD or the recovery from torn ligaments. Models such as the specialized PTTD ankle support are great if that is your particular issue, but both the McDavid and the Cramer are so versatile that they come with my recommendation for almost every circumstance, and are very unlikely to let you down.

Aircast AirSport Ankle Support Review

airsportOne of the most common injures of the modern times is the ankle injury. Regardless whether you are an athlete or just someone with bad luck you can get stuck in bed for days or even weeks. And if it wasn’t bad enough to be completely immobile on top of that you have to put up with an awful pain. Even if you are extremely careful still you can get hurt. People have gotten this type of injury in the most foolish ways ever. If you sit too long and decide to get up and make a sudden move while your foot is still asleep you can hurt your ankle; if you run indoors and stumble or do a bad push-off you can hurt your ankle. Basically all you do can lead to an ankle injury. So the only thing you can do is just hope for the best. Or maybe there is more to it?

A good support of the foot can be very beneficial. All you have to do is put an ankle brace on your foot that will keep it fixed and decrease the possibility of getting hurt. The support is applied before you decide to go for a run or do some exercises around the house. This support will prevent the unwanted movements of the ankle but at the same will allow the ankle to function normally.

Aircast AirSport Ankle Support is especially designed to prevent an ankle injury or to treat one that you weren’t able to get away from. If you are suffering from chronic pain in the ankles or you often sprain them even if you are not running or doing anything extreme Aircast AirSport Ankle Support can be very helpful. This ankle support uses aircell technology and semi-rigid encased shell which gives comfort to your foot and very solid support. When the foot is in the ankle support it is compressed and stabilized. The ankle support has an additional anterior talofibular strap, integral forefoot and shin wraps that add to the stability of the foot. Putting the ankle support on is very easy. It is like putting a sock on.

For those of you who have never used this support before it is a good idea to see how your skin reacts to it. The straps can cause your skin to itch depending how sensitive you are. If such thing occurs you can use lotions to calm the skin and give it some time to get accustomed to your new accessory. You can take off the support during the night but make sure you don’t forget to put it on when you get up during the night. The support should be on your ankle at all times if you have already suffered an injury. If not then you can use it only when you run or exercise.

The price is very affordable especially when you think of how much money it will save you not having to go the doctor’s office.

Aircast AirLift PTTD Ankle Support Brace Review

aircast pttdRegardless of the age or physical activity, everybody is in danger of hurting their ankle. The ankle is considered to be one of the most vulnerable parts of the leg. Since we put so much pressure on our feet on daily bases at some point they become very fragile and you can easily injure them. And when you do, that is when all your problems start. The rehabilitation usually lasts a very long time and it is a very painful process. Moreover you will never be able to fully recover so you will have to be extra careful until the rest of your life and pay attention to the position of your foot and ankle.

The best way to protect your ankles is to use a support brace that will constrain the leg and lower the possibility of getting injured. It is up to you to decide whether you want to wear the brace every day or to wear it just when you are in pain. Professional athletes tend to wear the support braces every time they run or do some exercises, as it helps them immobilise the ankle and prevents possible injuries. People who are not physically active can decide to wear the brace only when they feel pain or when they plan on doing some exercises.

Aircast AirLift PTTD Ankle Support Brace is designed to treat posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD), and it also can be very efficient for those who spot early signs of flat foot. It helps lift the foot arch in a more normal position and with constant use it can fix the problem. Although some might not see the flat foot as a big problem it is usually one of the main reasons for immense pain in the feet. The aircells of the brace are inflated, however, the brace comes with a hand pump which allows you to inflate or deflate the aircells according to your needs. These aircells have been tested and the results show that the brace can withstand high pressures such as the pressure when you jump, run, or even land. The two straps can be adjusted according to the size and width of your ankle so one size fits all.

The brace is made of latex-free neoprene material that is very comfortable to wear. However, those who have more sensitive skin or have been known to react more aggressively to this material should try and test the reaction of their skin to the brace support. If you notice that you are intolerant of the material try to use a lotion. If the lotion doesn’t help then you will have to stop using the brace. However, only a few people have experienced problems with the material of the brace.

This brace is very affordable especially when you think how much money it will save you by not having to go to the expensive rehabilitation centres or visit the doctor all the time. If professionals find this brace useful we are sure it can do wonders for you too.

The Best Ankle Braces for Cheerleading

liberty ankle

Cheerleading is a great sport that requires a lot of agility, technique, and skill. While many people enjoy this sport everyday, it can also lead to injuries and pain sometimes. To prevent injuries and pain while performing, cheerleaders often use ankle braces to protect their ankles and feet from harm. Ankle braces are excellent for relieving stress in the ankle as well as allowing cheerleaders to stay fit and safe. There are several different types of ankle braces for cheerleaders to choose from, and they may be confused by the wide selection. But rest assured, with a little discretion, they can find the perfect ankle brace for them.

Liberty Ankle Support

A great ankle brace for cheerleaders in need of great ankle support is the Liberty Ankle Support. Created by Liberty, they can be bought online and in select sports stores for a very reasonable price. They are made of black, durable cloth that easily wraps around the wearer’s ankle, providing both flexibility and support. The material is designed to fit people of all sizes, and will not show any signs of wear and tear during use. Customers who buy the product only can even receive free shipping. All in all this ankle brace will satisfy all cheerleaders who need great support for their ankles.

Adidas AdiZero

Another great ankle brace for cheerleaders in need is the Adidas AdiZero Speedwrap Ankle Brace. Created by Adidas, a well-known sports company that makes great sports products, this ankle brace can be found online and in select sports stores. The brace is made of special anti-microbial fabrics which absorb sweat and bacteria and keep the wearer’s ankles and feet both dry and cool. They can fit almost any size cheerleader, and are both versatile and durable. For its relatively low price, customers are getting a very good deal for these braces. This brace is just as good, if not better, than its competitors, and it offers countless months of use without showing any signs of wear and tear. These braces are perfect for consumers, and they will no doubt enjoy the comfort they bring.

Mueller High Performance

A third option for cheerleaders in need of a great brace is the Mueller High Performance Ankle Brace. Created by Mueller, this brace can be found online and in sports stores on your local high street. It is made of flexible, elastic material, that can easily grip onto the wearer’s ankle and provide support and comfort. Cheerleaders can wear them while performing, and the braces will last for years without fail. These braces are great for consumers who need both support and flexibility.

Ankle braces can help cheerleaders stay both fit and healthy while performing. They can provide support for their ankles, and keep them from injuring themselves while cheering. There are many different types of braces available for consumers, and finding the right one for them may seem difficult. But with a little time, research, and discretion, all cheerleaders can find the perfect ankle brace for them, and enjoy the sport they love so much.

Bio Skin TriLok Foot and Ankle Control System Review

bioskinMany different types of athletes need special equipment to keep their bodies safe and fit while performing the sports they love. Ankle braces are great products for athletes to use because they offer support for their ankles, which can help protect them against injury and harm. There are dozens of ankle braces available to new customers, both online and in several sports stores. Among them is the Bio Skin TriLok Foot and Ankle Control System, an advanced ankle brace that can offer customers great support and flexibility while performing. This review will go over the pros and cons of this ankle brace, and hopefully help consumers decide if it is right for them or not.

The Bio Skin TriLok Foot and Ankle Control System was created by Bio Skin, a renowned sports company that is known for its great sports products. It can be bought online and in select sports stores. While its price is a lot higher than most ankle braces, it does offer many more features and benefits than its competitors. It is stronger than most other braces, and still provides the flexibility many athletes need to perform successfully while wearing it.

Bio Skin is a well known sports company that is praises for its great products and equipment. They create several types of ankle braces and other sports equipment, and use only the best materials to make their products.

This ankle brace can be bought online at major sites such as Amazon and Brace Shop. Customers who bought this brace only praised its great design and durability. They loved the way it protected their ankle and foot from pain and injury. They loved how easy the brace was to put on and off as well. While many were skeptical of the high price, they ended up loving the brace and felt it was well worth the cost. The brace satisfied many customers time and time again.

The brace can offer so much to consumers. It can offer relief from ankle pain and discomfort. It cab protect against injury and pain, and be worn even during intense days of sports and training. The braces also come with a thirty day money back guarantee, so if consumers are not satisfied with it they can easily send it back for a refund.

The Bio Skin TriLok Foot and Ankle Control System Ankle Brace is a phenomenal product that can do so much to help athletes. Its hard design and durability can easily protect against pain and injury, as well as offer flexibility and support. It can be bought both online and in select stores for around $60, and while the price is a bit high, it does offer much more than what other braces can offer. This brace will last consumers a very long time, and will continue to surprise them time and time again. All in all consumers will need to look no further when looking for a great ankle brace, for this brace can deliver the support they need to succeed.

six six one Race Brace Pro Ankle Support Review

sixsixoneMany athletes, including cheerleaders, soccer players, football players, and runners, need special equipment to keep their feet and ankles safe from harm and injury. Ankle braces provide the perfect balance of support and flexibility that these athletes need. Ankle braces can be found both online and in select sports stores, and can offer many different features and benefits. Among them is the Six Six One Race Brace Pro, which is an advanced ankle brace designed for those who need an excellent brace to wear while performing the sport they love. This review will go over the pros and cons of this product, and hopefully help consumers decide if it is good for them or not.

The Six Six One Race Brace Pro can be bought both online and in select sports stores for $20. Created by Six Six One, it is a lightweight ankle brace that can provide excellent support as well as much needed durability. They were designed to be used by cyclists and runners, but can easily be used by other athletes as well. They can be worn for months on end and not show any signs of wear or tear. When bought online they can even come with special benefits, offers, and promotions. The Six Six One Race Brace Pro can easily be put on and off, and the consumer will barely feel the bace when in use.

For the low price of $20, the brace comes with many of the features offered by its more expensive competitors. Its sleek design and durable materials are also unique to it alone. It can come in a variety of colors as well.

Customers who bought the ankle brace online gave it very favorable reviews. They praised its cool design, and admired the flexibility it gave then while performing. The brace can withstand great amounts of punishment without showing any signs of wear and tear. They liked the durability of the brace, and its relatively small size.

The brace is one size fits all, and almost all athletes can use and enjoy it. It was designed for runners and cyclists, but other athletes like soccer players, football players, and cheerleaders can easily use them. Adults and children can both enjoy the benefits of this versatile and well made brace.

The Six Six One Race Brace Pro is an excellent product designed for athletes who need an elitw ankle brace. For $20, these braces contain many of the best qualities that can be found in similar, more expensive, braces. Created by Six Six One, a very popular sports company, they can offer months of flexibility, durability, and protection for the ankle and foot. They can be bought both online and in select sports stores. Many customers praised the great design and durability of the braces, and its relatively low price. The brace can easily provide support for months on end, even when athletes are performing everyday. The Six Six One Race Brace Pro is an excellent product that can help all customers stay safe, fit, and continue to enjoy the sports they love.

Aircast AirHeel Ankle Support Brace Review

aircast airheelIf you are one of the many who are suffering from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and heel pain then you need to do something for your feet before it gets worse. People don’t realize how severe these problems can be until they escalate to a point from where there is no return. The foot is one of the body parts that suffer the most. Regardless whether it is a chronic pain or an immediate injury the pain is unbearable. The only thing you can do is be extremely carefully how you move and make sure you always do warm up exercise before you go running. This will probably decrease the possibility of getting hurt, but you still won’t be in the safe zone.

Professional athletes have a secret. Their legs mean the world to them so they take good care of them. If you turn on the TV and watch some athletes prepare for the marathon you will notice something on their feet that looks like a sock. This is in fact an ankle support that stabilises the foot and prevents any unexpected or sudden movements of the leg. At the same time the support allows you to move the foot without any problems but it significantly decreases the possibility of getting hurt.

Aircast AirHeel Ankle Support Brace is made of neoprene which is a very good material that allows your skin to breathe. However, people who have gentle skin which is easily irritated can react to the new accessory. In case you see that your skin is not accepting the support try to put on a lotion and wear the support only when you move. These are very rare cases, but it might happen.

The ankle support brace is equipped with two interconnected aircells. One of them is placed under the food and the other is places in the back of the Achilles tendon. These areas bear the greatest pressure and are the most common places where an injury might occur. The Aircell technology has a pulsating pneumatic compression which increases the blood flow in your ankle and at the same time helps you reduce any swelling you might have as a consequence of the injury you have suffered.

You can choose to wear the support either when you get hurt, or wear it all the time to prevent getting hurt. It is all up to you. The brace itself is universal so it can be worn both on your left or right foot. The endurance of the aircells has been tested and they can withstand the pressure from even more active movements like running, jumping and even landing. The brace itself comes inflated, so there is no need to use a pump. Putting it on is very fast and easy, as all you have to do is act as if you were putting on a sock. Then you can adjust the strap to fit your leg and that is all.  It is a universal fit so regardless of the size and width of your ankle the brace would fit perfectly.

Neo G Airflow Ankle Support Review

neo g airflowHaving a bad ankle should not stop you from living life your way. The solution is to simply give it some support. And with the Neo G Airflow ankle support, you can achieve just that. But as always, it is necessary to do your research before making your investment and improving your sports performance or just your lifestyle.


Here are the features of the Neo G Airflow Ankle Support:

  • Multi-zone compression
  • Fits both legs
  • Breathable material
  • Lightweight

The Review

The Neo G Airflow Ankle Support is definitely one of the best in its class. For something so thin, it is fascinating to feel the kind of support it gives to the ankle. It is also lightweight and when worn with shoes, you forget that it is on your foot. For all those who complain about ankle supports being bulky, will have nothing to say with this.

The Neo G Airflow ankle support is also breathable – so your foot will not come out looking like you were having a shower. For something so slimline, you might think it would have to be too tight to provide enough support. Shockingly, that is not that case. As long as you purchase the right size, it is comfortable to wear. Unlike other low-quality ankle supports, this does not cut circulation to the foot.

Making it even better, it has no seam – so you will be spared from the poking effect found on other ankle supports.

As for quality, it is very durable. If you are worried about it stretching, know that it will take time and a lot of use for that to happen. Actually, nobody has reported any kind of stretching or quality problems.

However, this might not be very suitable if you are into heavy sports. It is thin and not adjustable to suit different tastes. But if you just want something to protect you when doing light sports, it will be adequate. And if you are simply looking for a no frills way to deal with ankle problems during your day to day activities, this is the best you can get. Being breathable means you can wear it all day. And because of its slimline design, you can pair it with any shoe.  And like many ankle supports on the market, it fits both ankles.

What Others are Saying

As you might know, ankle injuries are quite common creating demand for ankle supports. The Neo G Airflow Ankle Support has been bought by a lot of people. And the majority only have good stories to tell about it. They say the quality is great, provides good support and can be worn anywhere without anyone noticing. Topping it all, it comes at an affordable price.


If you are looking for a simple ankle support that will help you take control of your life, you will not go wrong with the Neo G Airflow Ankle Support. It comes at a reasonable price without sacrificing its quality. This is highly recommended to anyone with ankle problems.

Reviewing The Best Ankle Braces for Gymnastics

mueller xlpAs a gymnast, you are exposed to all kinds of injuries. Some of these are minor while others can force as into an unwanted break. Ankle sprains are a good example and without proper ankle support, you could be in big trouble. With so many ankle braces on the market, finding the best ones is not so easy. In this article, you will discover the best ankle braces for gymnastics. These have been rigorously tested and you can be sure that these will give you the protection you need.

Mueller XLP Ankle Brace

If a bad ankle has been standing between you and what you love (gymnastics), the Mueller XLP ankle brace might be the answer you have been praying for. It was specifically designed to help those in gymnastics and other sports disciplines struggling with ankles.

Rolling your ankle once opens a can of worms. Unless something is done about it, it becomes a recurring problem. But even when you have never had an ankle sprain, you will appreciate the protection the Mueller XLP ankle brace provides.

It fits in shoes without much difficulty and it is made from latex free material. And, of course, comfortability and good support are also present in the equation. If you have had pain for a while, you will be quick to notice the improvement with this.

The one thing to hate, its laces can be little too long (to some). Adding to that, it takes a bit of time to put on or off. However, that should not stop anyone from purchasing this. Take advantages vs disadvantages, you will see that it is still a great ankle brace.

If you are on a budget looking for a good ankle brace for gymnastics, this will fulfill your needs.

Aircast AirSport Ankle Brace

For all those with the money, this ankle brace is nothing short of a blessing. It is so comfortable and gives assurance to protect you from the majority of ankle sprains – just with the way it feels. Like the previous one, this was also made to help those with chronic ankle problems.

It has form-filled air-cell cushions. For all we know, this could be what makes it comfortable. And if you are having pains, you will feel relief instantly. Likewise, support is the best you will ever find on an ankle brace. Fitting it in a shoe is easy and you forget that you are wearing it just after a couple of minutes.

Making it even better, it is so easy to put on and lightweight. Those who like to complain might say it is a little bulky. But considering that it works just fine, this argument is not enough stop anyone from buying this. Overall, a good ankle brace for all gymnasts who love to live a life free from injuries.


If you are a gymnast, an ankle brace is the best way to prevent ankle sprains. Those on a budget, the Mueller XLP Ankle Brace will do just fine. But if you want maximum protection, increase your budget and get the Aircast AirSport ankle brace.

Spalding Neoprene Ankle Brace Review and Features

neoprene spaldingWearing an ankle brace reduces the chances of sustaining injuries to your ankle. You will certainly not be thrilled to have your foot in an ice bucket instead of getting dirty in the game. If that sounds like you, there is no need to go to heaven looking for an answer. There are a lot of ankle braces on the market and the Spalding Neoprene ankle brace is among those getting a lot of buzz.

But before you even think of spending your money on it, you should find out if it is worth? In this article, we will review this ankle brace and help you decide if it is the one you should get.


Here are the features of the Spalding Neoprene ankle brace:

  • Close cell 18-in synthetic rubber
  • Adjustable hook and loop straps
  • Dri-Power moisture management system
  • Fits both ankles
  • 1 year limited warranty

The Review

Starting with the build quality, it is safe to say Spalding had an intent to make this ankle brace last. It is very durable. But hey, we would not have expected anything less from an industry leader that Spalding is.

When put into action, it is difficult to not be impressed. It is supportive and comfortable. Adding to this, it has a soft feel which I believe is what adds to the comfortability. At the same time, it is very lightweight. However, for its size, it feels a little bulky. But that also depends on the type of shoe you are wearing. Thankfully, you will get used to the feeling with time.

The adjustable hook and loop straps give you the freedom to make it as tight as you want. And unlike tapping, you will not feel it becoming loose just after a few minutes.  Many worry that ankle braces have an effect on your ability to perform to your level best. But upon trying this, you will see no noticeable reduction in performance – so you should not worry about that

If you have an injury, this might not be the best ankle brace. But once you are fully recovered, it will work just fine. I would recommend this to those trying to prevent an injury from occurring or reoccurring.

But let’s not just focus on sports here. If want something to support you when walking or doing anything an average human does on a daily basis, you will not be disappointed with this. It is lightweight and soft making it possible to wear all day.

And as a bonus, it can fit both ankles.

What Others Are Saying

The Spalding Neoprene ankle brace has got really good reviews from those who have used it. Many claim it is easy to put on, provides good support and at the same time, it is very cheap. Others only complained that it feels a little bulky considering its size. But other than that, there are no any majors flaws.


If you have come to reality with the fact that you risk running your ankle during sports or anything, then getting an ankle brace is the next best step you can take. And if you want something simple and affordable, the Spalding Neoprene ankle brace has got you covered.