Adidas Adizero Ankle Brace Review

adizero ankle

Ankle Braces are a big part of a lot of our lives these days, especially if you participate in regular exercise, or have suffered with your ankles before. If you want an ankle brace that does the job without weighing you down, then it is worth considering the Adidas Adizero. Adidas is a well-known name and they have a good reputation for making great sports gear. This brace does not contradict those good standards.



Here are the features of the Adizero ankle brace.

  • Synthetic textile construction, has internal lateral TPU chassis
  • Weight-reduction technology for a light step
  • Non-slip zones for high-impact areas helps prevent injuries
  • Odor-resistant technology helps keep your feet smelling fresh
  • Lateral spare protects against ankle rollover

Our Review of the Adizero Ankle Brace

The Adidas Adizero is one of the lightest ankle braces around. So obviously, there is no way it will slow you down. Perhaps that is why it is called Speedwrap. Because it is not too bulky, it fits in any shoe without problems. You will forget that you are wearing a brace the moment you get on the move.

Getting to the support, Adidas did a good job in putting together the right materials. When you place your foot on the ground, you will feel how good the brace is.. This is despite it being smaller and thinner than other braces we have seen on the market.

Talking about comfort, the Adizero does not disappoint. Like I said above, you will forget you are wearing it. Adding to this is its ability to be free from heat build up which can lead to sweating and of course odor.¬†I haven’t heard of anyone who has reported getting blisters with this. It is extremely comfortable whatever type of exercise you’re doing.

But a brace is nothing if it does not give you the freedom to move. With the Adizero, you will have complete autonomy. Those into sports like basketball, soccer, tennis or any sport will surely find use for this brace. You can run and do just about anything. But the Adizero is not only for sporty men and women, anyone who needs an ankle brace will feel the benefits when using this.

Putting it on is easy, so is taking it off. It is not a lace-up model, hence the speed with which you can get it on and start using it.

If you have an injury, you can use this until you recover. Those who want to be proactive and prevent the injury in the first place, are also able to use the Adizero. As a matter of fact, it is recommended to use an ankle brace all the time whether you are training, exercising or doing anything that puts you at a risk of rolling your ankle.

What Others Are Saying

Overall, this has received great reviews. I searched online and no one has any major complaints. It is all praises. The Adizero has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon.


Adidas is a popular brand and has a great reputation. The Adizero does not taint that image. If you are looking for a brace that works, I would recommend this one. And as a bonus, it is manufactured by a big brand which you know you can trust. This brace is not the best selling on the market but does come with our top recommendation.


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