Aircast A60 Review: Excellent Ankle Brace from Aircast

aircast a60Any regular visitors to our site will be aware that one of the most common sports and physical activity related injuries is the ankle sprains, continual ankle injuries can be a massive problem in sports or everyday life. That is why Aircast came up with an effective ankle brace to provide support for ankle specially its weakest point, provide comfort, and help us all out in the ankle protection or even rehabilitation and healing process. Aircast, arguably the number one provider of ankle braces in the world, is the manufacturer of the Aircast A60.

This ankle brace was originally designed for jumping athletes, but has been adopted by all sorts of sports stars. One of the famous users of this product is Andy Murray, a renowned top tennis player in the world. Andy Murray suffered from injury problems that prevented him from joining some high profile competitions and struggled early on in his career. According to some testimonies, Aircast A60 brace really helped Andy Murray during his ankle rehabilitation process. This product is not only effective for athletes but also for common folks that need assistance in treating some of the ankle injuries.

Aircast A60 Product Description

Aircast A60 ankle brace is  designed to give protection and comfort, especially for athletes and sports men and women but for everyday use too. It has an effective and sturdy stabilizer shaped at (you’ve guessed it) 60 degree angle. This feature helps to prevent ankle sprains and stops you from rolling on the ankle at any point. Breathable materials like “Breath-O-Prene” Fabric are used to keep a really high (and necessary) amount of comfort even while playing sports. Aircraft A60 ankle brace is very user friendly because it is so easy to wear and has an easy adjustable application, meaning that you can  get rid of the time-consuming lacing, because this product is controlled by a single strap.


The function of Aircraft A60 ankle brace is to stabilize the ankle, prevent inversion and other rolls and injuries,  lessen pain, enhance ankle joint function, and improve endurance.

Aircraft A60 ankle brace is a sports brace that serve as an ankle support and protection. It is of great help when you are recovering from ankle fracture and some ankle injuries like the following;

Chronic Ankle Instability- this is usually caused by repeated ankle sprains. Known better to most as just the ankle starting to “give way”, particularly later side (outer side) of the ankle. This is really usually experienced by athletes who have had a lot of sprains that are not completely healed or rehabilitated.

Ankle Syndesmosis – it involves the ligaments above the ankle point, right where the ligaments connect to the leg at the top and the tibial and fibial bones, and because of that, this ailment is often referred to as “high ankle sprain”.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome – This has a scientific name also but is easier referred to as tarsal tunnel. This consists of the compression or tightening of a part of the ankle and leg known as the tibial nerve.

Aircraft A60 ankle brace comes highly recommended during ankle rehabilitation for it does provide comfort for user and fast recovery for the ankle injuries, it is tried and tested when it comes to helping with injuries, hence its use by top athletes.

There are many positive reviews about Aircraft A60 ankle brace. Most common users are players of badminton, tennis, jumping athletics and more. It can be tough to get used to wearing but eventually, you will absolutely appreciate the benefits it brings.


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