ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis Ankle Brace Review

ASO ankleThere is little more frustrating in life, whether you’re sporty or not, than an injury. It is one of the major reasons many promising athletes have quit something they loved, and something many of us have to deal with in everyday life. Unfortunately, no one is invincible when it comes to injuries. It is then smart to protect yourself before the inevitable happens, and give your body its best chance of functioning properly. For ankle injuries, an excellent option for both protecting from or aiding the recovery from an injury is something like the ASO ankle Stabilizing Orthosis brace. It is one the most highly recommended ankle brace by sports professionals, designed to be comfy, easy to use and provide the ultimate support for your ankle.


Here are the features in detail:

  • Great stabilizing straps
  • Elastic cuff enclosure – aimed at enhancing support from stabilizing straps and secures the laces
  • Low profile makes it fit in a shoe of any size and not get in the way of exercise or walking
  • Bilateral design, you can wear the brace on either foot
  • Available in various sizes
  • Offers extra comfort to the achilles area
  • Made of lightweight, breathable material avoiding odors and excessive sweating

Basically, that is how promising it looks on paper, but does it live up to all its promises in use?


Starting with comfort, this is undisputably one of the most comfy braces to wear. You can even wear it without socks and you will not get any annoying blisters on you feet. It is not overly flexible, but that is a good thing with this brace as it offers a lot of support to the joint.

It does not feel too tight when put it on. But in some situations, it might feel a little painful. However, this is entirely an error and not a problem with the ankle brace. As a solution, spend some time finding your comfortable strapping position. Unlike other ankle braces, you will not feel a cut in circulation with this product.

The ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis is so lightweight which is a big plus. For overall comfort, this brace is a winner. It gives good support to your ankle and you will be able to play with confidence and reach your optimum level.

Because of its low profile, it can fit in any shoe without difficulty as long as you buy the right size. It comes in different sizes and I am sure finding yours will be easy. As for easy of use, it has got my full marks. You can put it on and you will be on your feet in under a minute. Taking it off is an equally simple process.

Overall, this is a great brace and anyone into basketball, volleyball or even soccer will have no trouble using it, but it isn’t just for sports, and is great for anyone who needs to wear an everyday brace or has suffered an injury which makes walking difficult.

What Others Are Saying

This is one the most highly recommended ankle braces by doctors and many sports veterans. I visited amazon to see how many stars it has and I was not surprised to find a whopping 4.6 out of 5. Many claim it is easy to use, comfortable and gives great support, and fully justifies its status as a best seller in the world of medical products and sporting products.


All in all, the ASO Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis is an ankle brace you cannot go wrong with. It is important to protect yourself and not sit and wait for the injury. The price is quite affordable and I cannot see any justifiable reason why you would not want this if you are in the market for a quality brace.


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