ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Brace Review

aso speed lacerASO is one of the leading ankle brace manufacturers in the world. And with the ASO Speed Lacer, they proved why they are the top choice for many athletes. If you are wondering what it is that makes this ankle brace so special, keep reading because, in this article, we are going to review it in depth, and look at its many impressive features.

So in case you have been thinking if this is the ankle brace you should invest in, you will find out in this article.


Here are the features of  the ASO Speed Lacer Ankle Brace:

  • Elastic calf closure
  • Made from breathable material
  • Hand-held tabs for easy closing

The Review

The beauty of the ASO Speed Lacer lies in how easy and quick the lace up is. Since most athletes are always eager to get in the action, this is a big plus. If you use other ankle braces or tape, buying this will be a major upgrade. Once you lace it, it does not easily become loose. So you can get on with whatever you are doing without any disturbances.

The material used is very breathable – feet do not come out looking baked. At the same time, it is not too bulky and can fit in many shoes easily. If you are having trouble staying on your feet at work, this is definitely the water to quench the pain in your ankle. You do not need to be an athlete to use this.

Most importantly, the ankle brace does provide good support. You will instantly feel confident to make full use of your foot. Unlike other ankle braces, ASO Speed Lacer can be worn without socks. This is not the case with others as they usually rip the skin off when worn for too long.

Turning our attention to quality, it is great. You can wear this for a hundred times and you won’t notice any major changes. Actually, if price is put into perspective, this is one of the best ankle brace deals on the market.  Those currently healing from a bad ankle can also make full use of this. It will reduce any swelling and like said before, take the pain away.

What Others Are Saying

The ASO Speed Lacer is one of the most highly rated ankle braces on the market. Considering how well it works, this is no surprise at all. Many love it for being so comfortable. They also say it is the best lace up ankle brace for being quick and easy to put on. As with everything, there are others with different views. However, their troubles mostly originate from the fact that they bought the wrong size. So take care of that when getting yours.


All in all, the ASO Speed Lacer is a very good ankle brace. It is comfortable to wear for long by both athletes and ordinary people alike. Not only that, but it is also very durable. Making it even more appealing, it comes at an affordable price. So if you are still wondering if this is the ankle brace you should get, the answer is YES!


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