Ankle Braces for Cycling – Which are the Best?

cycling ankleEveryone who is a fan of bicycle riding should think about getting their hands on some ankle braces that one can take during high risk rides to give you confidence when things get pretty tricky and allow you to ride to your full potential. The ankle braces should be strapped and have hinged construction in order to provide a huge amount of support for even the most challenging cycling.

A general ankle brace for cycling should offer some, if not all, of the following features;

  • Heavy-duty and hard wearing ankle support.
  • It is built such that it has a release opening for fast and easy removal
  • It should be firm and rigid so as to minimize unneeded foot and ankle movements
  • It should fit comfortably into the shoe
  • Fit either the left or right foot
  • Breathable exterior fabric to avoid nasty smells

The following models are some of the best ankle braces that one should consider taking out for a bicycle ride;

The Bike Quick Release Ankle Brace

It features the following;

  • Firm design to minimize unneeded movement
  • Breathable for comfort and avoiding odors.
  • Quick and simple removal.
  • Works perfectly for long term, nagging injuries picked up during sport or cycling!

The DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace

This is an extremely popular choice in the world of ankle braces. It provides great support but at the same time is also extremely comfortable. The perfect choice for a person looking to treat their previous injuries or even to prevent problems that may occur in the future.

Velocity Ankle Braces are able to prevent both the inversion and eversion types of ankle sprains as well as any other awkward rotations that can cause tears and other ankle problems.

It has these awesome features;

It keeps a low profile and it is so lightweight you’ll forget it’s there. Fits effortlessly into your sneakers or shoe giving you the extra support you need without being large and getting in the way. It has unrestricted movement and a clever moldable foot plate which is designed to adjust to the contours of your feet to provide a personalized product (without the cost usually attached to this).

It is made with the R3 Technology. This gives the required compression to avoid any uncomfortable swelling in the ankle, even after prolonged usage..

SixSixOne RaceBrace Pro Ankle Support

SixSixOne is one of the manufactures that specializes in a wide variety of bike elbow, body and knee protection and support as well as helmets. They’re a cycling company rather than an ankle brace one, which serves our purposes well here as their aim is to ensure that they cater for all your cycling protection needs, and they certainly know how to do this!

Some of it’s top features include;

  • Thin construction that makes sure that it comfortably fits into your trainer or shoe
  • Plastic inserts which prevent unwanted impact & twisting
  • Mesh and ventilated construction to ensure that it is comfy and doesn’t start to build up odor.
  • It fits both the left or right ankle
  • Sold individually (not as a pair)

The ankle braces we featured are The Bike Quick Release Ankle Brace, SixSixOne RaceBrace Pro Ankle Support and The DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace. They almost offer the same services though the The DonJoy Velocity Ankle Brace is recommended by many people and quite possibly the highest quality ankle brace for cycling available.



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