Best Ankle Braces for Football

anklebrace_ossurOver the past few years thousands of ankle injuries have been sustained playing football. Some of these injuries more severe than others but every day someone, somewhere is suffering from an ankle related injury sustained on a football pitch. All in all approx. 25K people suffer due to an ankle sprain every day in America, how many of those are sustained playing one of its favorite sports is anybody’s guess, but I’d suggest it is a high number. Let’s face it, you don’t have to be playing in the NFL to sustain such an injury. So, the question that arises is which is the best ankle brace for football? You might initially consider that any kind of support while playing football is a luxury and not even necessary, but there have been players whose careers ended due to an ankle related injury. So let’s take a look at some of the best ankle braces that can reduce this risk whilst playing football.

First off, we have the Ossur Gameday Ankle brace. It doesn’t matter if you want a brace for support after an injury or you want it to avoid any injury beforehand, the Gameday Ankle brace is a very good option. Charged at $59.99, this brace features figure of 8 strapping with abnormal movement prevention. The brace can be easily adjusted without taking off the shoe (unlike its alternative, athletic taping). Furthermore, they have a Lace Up ankle brace that provides even more superior abnormal movement control. Charged at $28.95, this Lace Up ankle brace is an excellent alternative to athletic tape. Designed to prevent sub-acute ankle sprains, this brace also helps prevent chronic ankle instabilities and long term injury problems.

Then we have the Cho-Pat Achilles Tendon Strap by Physioroom. It is designed such that it provides support for all the activities that requires a lot of running like Football & Squash. It specifically provides support for the push-off phase (when you start running), to avoids any Achilles tendon related injuries, and is great for those who have suffered with this issue. Using this strap along with certain therapies will provide you with immediate relief from Achilles tendon injuries. Their Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support provides you with great support for heavily physical activities such as Football.

Back in the 90s the concept of an ankle brace was considered to be at the epitome of sports luxury. Players usually taped their ankles for a practice or a game. Then as the technology advanced in the late 90s and in the beginning of the new century, the ankle brace industry also started getting more mainstream. Competing against traditional taping, many companies came out with low price but far superior ankle braces to capture the market.

It is not the case that these are the only ankle brace manufacturers, you can have a look around the World Wide Web to know more. The braces discussed above are in no specific order. You can buy anyone of them based on your preferences. Just conduct a thorough  research before buying any brace, or maybe even try it out to make sure that it is comfortable and it doesn’t restrict you ankle movement in any way. Remember that if you’re not wearing the best ankle braces for football you could well regret it in the future if injury sets in and affects your hobby or even career.


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