Best Ankle Braces for Running

lp extremusAnkle braces for running can dramatically lower the chances of ankle injuries, roughly 20-25% of sport injuries are related to the ankle. So, to avoid this, most of the players and athletes are recommended to wear ankle brace. The brace does its best to not allow the reoccurrence of the injury, and gives a superb amount of support and stability to the ankle and allows you to run with a lot of confidence also, thus improving the performance. The repetitive action of running means full support of the ankle is essential.

LP X-TREMUS PRO Athlete Ankle Support

LP X TREMUS Pro ATHLETE ankle support is a product specially designed for the ankles of both amateur and professional athletes. It acts as a preventive measure for ankle injuries while out on those long slogs through the roads or countryside. This brace fits both the ankles. LP X TREMUS boasts impressive and cutting edge technology and 3 dimensional knitting modes to provide top performance and stability, and also posseses MSD: M- magic power band, S- stable contour, D- durable knit. The L-shaped pads provide extra support and compression to the ankle thus making running and walking much easier. This comes with following features:

Weighs 2 pounds
An ankle support with 3 dimensional MSD available
Double eight stable contoured structure
Durable and breathable

Fit knit with high performance fabric
J shaped heel silicone pad
Reduces ankle pain/ swelling
Magic power band enhances sport explosive motion
Highly rated product
Suitable for both ankles
Available in various sizes
Improves stability and performance
LP X TREMUS is a great product which is easy to use and clean. The ankle support with 3 dimensional MSD stabilizes the ankle and also does not cut off circulation, as some cheaper models will. LP X TREMUS really does the job well and gives you confidence along with improved performance. Highly recommended and rated LP X TREMUS is a great protection without restriction.


MC DAVID 199 is one of the most popular laced ankle brace. Perfect for all kinds of sportspeople, athletes and trainers, it also prevents ankle injuries. This is made up of two layers of nylon/vinyl mesh fabric which make it breathable and highly comfortable. This brace is so well designed that it fits any ankle and any shoe types. This is arch support sewn to give more comfort and firm grip. The elastic heel provides heel lock technology for comfort and efficiency and tongue helps to keep the ankle in place. MC DAVID 199 comes with a special feature- Protection Level III. In other words, three different levels of support through compression- Level I-minor pains, sprains, relief from arthritis and general protection. Level II- ligament pains, minor to moderate protection. Level III- maximum protection, major pain relief and maximum support.

MC DAVID 199 comes with some unique features as follows:

Weighs a measly 6.4ounces
12X9X3 inches – two layers of nylon/vinyl mesh
Breathable and durable
Fits both the ankles any shoe type
Padded hydra vent HDC moisture management technology
Protection level III-primary, advanced, maximum
Highly rated and best seller
Perfect for athletes and sportsmen as well as runners amateur and professional
Preventative to injuries
Provides cooler comfort
Has elastic heel and tongue
Comes in many different sizes
Lightweight but still provides sport and improves mobility

MC DAVID 199 Ankle Brace is the best selling and most excellent product. The brace is very supportive because of the elastic heel and three tiered system giving us everything we want from our ankle support, sturdiness, stability and comfort. Highly rated and recommended, MC DAVID 1999 is a great purchase for any runner.


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