Best Ankle Braces for Soccer

anklebraceAn ankle brace is a device which provides support and stability for ankle joints through sports or in the recovery from an injury. This may be prescribed by a physician or by a physiotherapist as a treatment or can be worn of your own accord by athletes, sports people or just those in need of something extra for supporting the ankle. Ankle braces allow you to move comfortably on the field, protecting your ankle from sprains and strains while running, making passes, taking shots and quickly changing directions.




MUELLER SOCCER ankle brace is perfect to protect your ankle from sprains and increase stability. It can be tightened according to your need and has light weight steel springs which support the ankle ligaments. This product is used by International soccer teams all over the globe. Its design of high front cut and narrow bottom helps a great deal with foot mobility and leads to extra comfort and freedom of movement. The back is high and fits with ease into the soccer boot. The steel springs protects sprains. MUELLER SOCCER ankle brace fits either foot and can help in the recovery of injuries such as broken ankles, sprains, strains and even in ankle surgery. This comes with following features:

  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • 3X1X1 inches
  • Back elastic for ARCHILLES Tendon comfort
  • Light weight and flexible
  • Perfect for running, soccer, gymnastics and wrestling
  • 840 denier, thick nylon material
  • Supportive steel springs to protect sprains
  • High front cut and narrow bottom
  • Used by national teams
  • More foot movement
  • Fits under shin pads easily

MUELLER SOCCER ankle brace is a heavy duty ankle support which is extremely comfortable, decreases the chances of twisting while playing and therefore gives you a lot of confidence on the ground. The laces allow a perfect grip to the ankle without feeling the slightest pain. It works very well and is extremely easy to put on and wear. Highly recommended for soccer players and for those who have ankle problems, MUELLER SOCCER brace is a great product, worth every penny.

Mc David 196 Soccer Ankle Brace

Mc David 196 ankle brace is a top treatment for ankle injuries, and also gives a lot of general ankle support throughout the game. This product is specifically designed for soccer and has short fore foot which helps in possession of the ball and gives protection to the ankle. Comes with two layers of breathable polyester with elastic heel and tongue for comfort – the steel springs provide support at both sides. Highly recommended, Mc David 196 comes with the below features:

  • Fits both ankles
  • 3 levels of protection
  • Has two layers of polyester/vinyl mesh
  • Steel springs provides support on the sides
  • Fore foot is short and helps in ball possession and protection
  • Box weight is 240g
  • Perfect and specifically designed for soccer players
  • Protects from ankle sprains and injuries
  • Intera lining padding
  • Elastic heel and tongue
  • Arch sewn
  • Improves joint mobility and performance

Mc David 196 ankle brace provides excellent support for those of us suffering with ankle injuries and instability. It provides protection and stabilizes weak ankles with its clever design. The brace can be easily laced up over socks and allows support as needed without letting the ankle turn and cause injuries. ‘A strong investment for weak ankles’.


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