Best Mueller Ankle Braces

mueller ankle braceMany people suffer from ankle dislocations or other issues and would would like to protect themselves from such. Ankle dislocations make it difficult to walk and do most gaming activities that you enjoy every day. Mueller is an established brand in the field of ankle braces, with many great models available online or from your local sports store.

We are going to focus on one specific model that we know and love here on – the Mueller adjustable ankle stabilizer braces were designed to free you from these troubles. Its features make it ideal to support and protect ankle injuries from taking you off your favorite activities.

A Mueller adjustable ankle stabilizer brace provides you with a cleverly customized fit which feels great whatever your size and shape. It is ideal for all ankles whether you’ve suffered with problems in the past or not. Much like a basketball shoe, the brace goes high above the ankle to provide as much stability as possible. Comes with Aegis Microbe Shield so it doesn’t start to smell and attain nasty odors even after a lot of use, which avoids any locker room embarrassment.  They are extremely comfortable to wear in either shoes and trainers or if you’re on softer ground, cleats during field games or even when walking and running, they’ll go a long way to prevent you from suffering with any new or existing ankle related problems. The major benefit is that they protect you against both the inversion and reversion variations of ankle sprains (that’s inward and outward sprains)

The brace comes in different sizes with 7.5-18 for men and 6-16.5 for women. They also come at an affordable price of between $4 and $55.

Some of the benefits of Mueller adjustable ankle stabilizer, many of which also feature in other Mueller braces, are:

  • They wrap perfectly around your foot without having to wear anything underneath. This increases your comfort by reducing sweat and odor,
  • Reduced skin/foot sweat and prevents them from becoming clammy.
  • It is easily adjustable to fit your foot
  • Supports the ankle thoroughly and effectively
  • They are comfortable to wear for a long time and can be worn inside athletic shoes without getting in the way or causing any pain.
  • Its semi-hard side stays support your ankle firmly reducing the risk of ankle strain,
  • It is light weight to wear and comfortable with nylon tricot/foam lining

Even with its helpful features, the ankle stabilizer braces use 100% Vectro to hold on to your foot so it often works best for walking as opposed to fast paced sports, for that you can try using some top class mueller string strapped ones for gaming purposes as they are easy to work with and adjust according to reduce compression.

Mueller Ankle Brace Qualities

Adjust to fit ankle brace

These one size brace enables you to support and protect weak or injured ankles. A Mueller adjustable ankle stabilizer brace is ideal for sprains and strains. You can wear it all day long without feeling any discomfort. It is also adjustable to fit your foot and ensure that you are as comfortable as you would wish. Its flexibility enables you to adjust it to fit your foot whatever your size.

Adjustable ankle support

The intelligent and comfortable Mueller ankle stabilizer brace with it’s intuitive strapping system gives you the ultimate in stable yet flexible support to your ankle.


Of course, we have focused mainly on the ankle stabilizer model of brace in this article, but Mueller are a top brand in the field and all of their solutions vary slightly to offer an exceptional product for many different purposes in the world of ankle stabilization. If you’ve suffered with problems before, or want to avoid them in the future, Mueller no doubt offer a solution for you.


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