Reviewing the Best Ankle Braces for Plantar Fasciitis Sufferers

plantar bracePlantar Fasciitis is a common affliction many athletes have dealt with in their careers. It is an injury that can cause them great pain and discomfort, and in some cases even temporarily stop them from doing the things they love. It can become a huge issue when they need to stand or move for long stretches of time. It is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia, a band of tissue that stretches across the foot and surrounds the heel and the toes. This injury is especially common in runners and those who suffer from obesity. Luckily there are several products that can help heal plantar fasciitis, including many different types of ankle braces. There are many options when choosing the right ankle brace, and there can be many differences between them that consumers may not notice at first glance.

BRD Sport Ankle Plantar Fasciitis Brace

The BRD Sport Ankle Plantar Fasciitis Brace is a great choice for those looking for relief. It is created by BRD Sport, and was specifically designed to help treat plantar fasciitis. It can be found online and in select athletic stores for $74.99 USD, and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. It has adjustable straps to help get it tight around the foot, and protects the inflamed tissues from further trauma. Consumers can still perform sporting activities while wearing the brace, and can expect their injury to heal within a matter of weeks.

Plantar Fasciitis Relieving Foot Sleeve

Another great option for those seeking relief from plantar fasciitis is the Plantar Fasciitis Relieving Foot Sleeve. The sleeve can be bought for $39.95 USD online, which is a great price for this type of product. It even comes with a lifetime guarantee, so consumers can return the sleeve if they are not completely satisfied with it. The ankle sleeve comes in various colors and sizes, to fit all types of consumers, be they big or small.

Best Plantar Fasciitis Compression

A third option for those looking for an ankle brace for plantar fasciitis is the Best Plantar Fasciitis Compression for Men & Women – Heel Arch Support/Ankle Sock. Created by CompressionZ, this ankle sock can be found on Amazon for $39.99 USD, though it is often on sale for $29.99 USD as well. This ankle sock was made with graduated compression technology, which helps increase blood circulation and relieve stress in the ankle and the foot. It is ideal for those who need to always be on the go, and can offer the same results as all the other braces.


Plantar Fasciitis is an injury that can affect many people, but can also be easily remedied with the proper care and equipment. Ankle braces offer the best relief for plantar fasciitis, and there are several variants to choose from when shopping for the best one. Many offer the same features and results for varying prices, but most will appease anyone struggling with plantar fasciitis. Most ankle braces come with money back guarantees or longtime warranties, and all will provide the comfort and relief consumers seek to help them continue doing the activities they love.

Best Ankle Braces for Arthritis

ankleArthritis is a very common injury that affects millions of people every year. It can cause extreme pain as well as inflammation and swelling, and can keep people from enjoying the physical activities they love. It is especially common with elderly people, who can have a hard time getting around when their legs and feet are filled with pain, and even walking and gentle exercise can become very painful. Several products exist to help ease the pain caused by arthritis, and for those who seek equipment to wear to try and combat the injury, ankle braces are often the products they turn to to provide support, easing the pain and preventing things from getting worse. Ankle braces work to relieve the stress and pain caused by arthritis, as well as allow consumers to continue doing the things they love while wearing them.

M-Brace Strenua

The M-Brace Strenua Extra Ankle Lock Ankle Brace is an excellent choice for consumers with arthritis who are looking for an ankle brace to wear during their various physical activities. It can be found online at the Brace Shop for $47.99 USD, and offers some great features for the price. This brace is specifically designed for athletes who need a small, comfortable brace that can relieve inflammation, stress, and any pain caused by arthritis. This brace can be worn seven days a week for months on end, without any sign of wear or tear. It is made of cotton velour, a fabric which is hygienic, flexible, and strong. It is designed to fit consumers of all shapes and sizes, and all in all is a great option for those shopping for a good ankle brace.

Medi USA

Another great ankle brace is the Medi USA Levamed Ankle Support, which can be found for $49.99 USD online and in select stores. It was designed specifically for athletes, including soccer and football players, who need a brace that can be worn during events and provide great comfort and support the tendons in the feet and ankles. The brace comes in several different sizes, and can be worn for long periods of time. It is made of fabric that allows it to be very elastic, flexible, and breathable.

Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus

A third choice for those looking for the right ankle brace is the Bauerfeind MalleoTrain Plus Ankle Brace. This brace can be found online and in select stores, including Walgreens. The average price for this ankle brace is $150.00 USD, and is the best type of brace one could buy for this price. It comes with many different features, and is made of a flexible material that allows it to be both firm and lightweight. It can be worn under shoes and socks, and even during very physically demanding sports like football and baseball.

Ankle braces can help countless people stay protected from the injuries that can keep them from doing the things they love. When worn they can help combat harmful injuries and prevent the risk of the worsening of arthritis. There are several options to choose from when trying to find the right brace, but no matter which one the consumer chooses out of the options above, they can be rest assured of the quality, and that it will keep them safe and secure.

Aircast A60 Review: Excellent Ankle Brace from Aircast

aircast a60Any regular visitors to our site will be aware that one of the most common sports and physical activity related injuries is the ankle sprains, continual ankle injuries can be a massive problem in sports or everyday life. That is why Aircast came up with an effective ankle brace to provide support for ankle specially its weakest point, provide comfort, and help us all out in the ankle protection or even rehabilitation and healing process. Aircast, arguably the number one provider of ankle braces in the world, is the manufacturer of the Aircast A60.

This ankle brace was originally designed for jumping athletes, but has been adopted by all sorts of sports stars. One of the famous users of this product is Andy Murray, a renowned top tennis player in the world. Andy Murray suffered from injury problems that prevented him from joining some high profile competitions and struggled early on in his career. According to some testimonies, Aircast A60 brace really helped Andy Murray during his ankle rehabilitation process. This product is not only effective for athletes but also for common folks that need assistance in treating some of the ankle injuries.

Aircast A60 Product Description

Aircast A60 ankle brace is  designed to give protection and comfort, especially for athletes and sports men and women but for everyday use too. It has an effective and sturdy stabilizer shaped at (you’ve guessed it) 60 degree angle. This feature helps to prevent ankle sprains and stops you from rolling on the ankle at any point. Breathable materials like “Breath-O-Prene” Fabric are used to keep a really high (and necessary) amount of comfort even while playing sports. Aircraft A60 ankle brace is very user friendly because it is so easy to wear and has an easy adjustable application, meaning that you can  get rid of the time-consuming lacing, because this product is controlled by a single strap.


The function of Aircraft A60 ankle brace is to stabilize the ankle, prevent inversion and other rolls and injuries,  lessen pain, enhance ankle joint function, and improve endurance.

Aircraft A60 ankle brace is a sports brace that serve as an ankle support and protection. It is of great help when you are recovering from ankle fracture and some ankle injuries like the following;

Chronic Ankle Instability- this is usually caused by repeated ankle sprains. Known better to most as just the ankle starting to “give way”, particularly later side (outer side) of the ankle. This is really usually experienced by athletes who have had a lot of sprains that are not completely healed or rehabilitated.

Ankle Syndesmosis – it involves the ligaments above the ankle point, right where the ligaments connect to the leg at the top and the tibial and fibial bones, and because of that, this ailment is often referred to as “high ankle sprain”.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome – This has a scientific name also but is easier referred to as tarsal tunnel. This consists of the compression or tightening of a part of the ankle and leg known as the tibial nerve.

Aircraft A60 ankle brace comes highly recommended during ankle rehabilitation for it does provide comfort for user and fast recovery for the ankle injuries, it is tried and tested when it comes to helping with injuries, hence its use by top athletes.

There are many positive reviews about Aircraft A60 ankle brace. Most common users are players of badminton, tennis, jumping athletics and more. It can be tough to get used to wearing but eventually, you will absolutely appreciate the benefits it brings.

Why Wear an Ankle Brace?

ankleWhy wear an ankle brace? There are several benefits that come with wearing ankle braces, particularly following injury to the ankle, or while playing certain sports. Ankle injuries are the most common sports-related injuries, with many athletes injuring their ankles every year. Many ankle related injuries are a result of over extension of the ankle, movements outside of the ankle’s natural range, which injure the ligaments, while others are a result of sustained stress to the ankle. Ankle braces are a valuable tool, related to these causes, that can help prevent painful injury and long rehabilitation processes.

While some athletes simply “tape” their ankles before games or after injury, using sports tape, an ankle brace can be more beneficial. Ankle braces are specially designed for the ankle, unlike tape; they are also available in materials that are less harsh on your skin, transpire, and are washable and reusable, versus constantly buying and throwing away tape.

Often after an ankle injury, ligaments don’t heal properly, leaving an unstable ankle, prone to “giving out” during sports. This instability leads to an increased risk of re-injuring the ankle. While the ankle can be strengthened over time, those who are walking on uneven terrain or who have been cleared for sports, may want to consider an ankle brace. The ankle brace, worn during exercise, helps accelerate the healing of the ankle. Another benefit of an ankle brace is that it helps decrease the risk of re-injury, by both supporting the ankle and holding it in its neutral position. A benefit of an ankle brace is that it can prevent unwanted movements and over extension of the ankle, or the ankle “giving out”, while allowing the natural movements of the ankle, which help strengthen it. By prevening unnatural movements, your ankle brace helps you play the sports you love after an injury.

Ankle braces also benefit those who haven’t been injured. When it comes to prevention, you will see the benefits of an ankle brace more in sports with a lot of ankle movements or risk of ankle injury. Sports such as tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, and rugby are all examples of sports with a high rate of ankle injuries, where ankle braces as prevention can be beneficial. By restricting the motion of the ankle many injuries can be prevented. They also work to increase the stability of the ankle, again helping to prevent injuring it. It is not a coincidence that a lot of elite sports people and athletes around the world are now wearing ankle braces, and physicians and physiotherapists recommend them all the time.

For those who have suffered a lot with joint problems, you may even decide that an ankle brace is helpful every day, and not purely for sports activities.

Other benefits of ankle braces include the diversity available. Far from being sold in one standard model for all types of injuries, ankle braces come in a variety of levels of support, sizes, and functions. They also come in many different materials, so for those who are allergic to say, neoprene, there are other options available. Ankle braces are small, easy to transport and keep in your sports bag, and are washable.

Best Laceup Ankle Braces

mcdavid laceupLace-up braces provide us with the most reasonably priced ankle support without having to sacrifice any of the comfort or ease of movement that has become expected by sports people at all levels. One of the vital things to do before choosing the most suitable lace up ankle brace is deciding what part it is going to play on a day to day basis – if you’re doing any strenuous activities such as sports, you are probably going to need to get your hands on a lace up ankle brace that gives the maximum possible support and comfort to the ankle in question. This type of ankle braces are normally designed with a “one-size-fits-all” ethos so  are able to totally ensure that the lace up ankle brace fits tightly and comfortably no matter what leg it meets. Below are some of the most popular and highest selling lace ups available in today’s market:

Don Joy Stabilizing Ankle Brace:

Don joy Stabilizing Ankle Brace is a fantastic brace simply for every day use in day to day life and activities. It is really reasonable in price and is available at a lot of different retailers. It is widely respected and known to be one of the most effective ankle braces to stop you from obtaining ankle twists and any abnormal rotations of a joint that is easily injured, the ankle. It manages to stay snug and comfy but also prevents any damaging or injuring of the joint. Highly rated on Amazon and other online retailers and sure to be of great help in your sporting endeavors!

McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace:

It is one of McDavid’s bestselling laced ankle braces (which is certainly saying something as this is a very widely respected brand) and is used by athletes, sports people, and internationally renowned sporting managers and coaches to replace other, more primitive methods such as tape and prevent the injuries that can so easily be sustained when performing any sort of exercise. It boasts a really high level of flexibility and mobility; padded “HydraVent hDc” – a material that vents the sweat and any other moisture in our legs and ankles while helping to avoid overheating and feeling in any sort of way uncomfortable. It has a flexible, intuitive fit and prevents your ankle from rolling and twisting. It is available with the following innovative features:

  • Two layers of hi tech fabric
  • Excellent “Moisture Management Technology” encased within the lining
  • Ventilated tongue
  • Arch support
  • Works on Either Ankle

XFORCE Lace Up Ankle Brace and Support

The XFORCE Ankle Brace is known as being the number one choice in the world of sports physiotherapy and medicinal purposes for prevention and effective treatment of injuries. This lightweight brace with stabilizer gives the best of both worlds, as it remains soft and comfortable against the ankle but is still as solid and supportive as the harder designs of brace. It manages to hold its shape and not stretch during exercise. It can be worn after a painful ankle sprain or as a  product to protect against your first or even repetitive and recurring sprains during sporting events and athletics. This ankle support brace delivers top performance for top results for both patients and sportspeople. Easy-to-apply, strong, comfy, reusable and (to avoid smells!) washable. Most people are addicted to the brace and couldn’t live without it from the moment they put it on, as the build quality and attention to detail is just extraordinary.

Best Ankle Braces for Football

anklebrace_ossurOver the past few years thousands of ankle injuries have been sustained playing football. Some of these injuries more severe than others but every day someone, somewhere is suffering from an ankle related injury sustained on a football pitch. All in all approx. 25K people suffer due to an ankle sprain every day in America, how many of those are sustained playing one of its favorite sports is anybody’s guess, but I’d suggest it is a high number. Let’s face it, you don’t have to be playing in the NFL to sustain such an injury. So, the question that arises is which is the best ankle brace for football? You might initially consider that any kind of support while playing football is a luxury and not even necessary, but there have been players whose careers ended due to an ankle related injury. So let’s take a look at some of the best ankle braces that can reduce this risk whilst playing football.

First off, we have the Ossur Gameday Ankle brace. It doesn’t matter if you want a brace for support after an injury or you want it to avoid any injury beforehand, the Gameday Ankle brace is a very good option. Charged at $59.99, this brace features figure of 8 strapping with abnormal movement prevention. The brace can be easily adjusted without taking off the shoe (unlike its alternative, athletic taping). Furthermore, they have a Lace Up ankle brace that provides even more superior abnormal movement control. Charged at $28.95, this Lace Up ankle brace is an excellent alternative to athletic tape. Designed to prevent sub-acute ankle sprains, this brace also helps prevent chronic ankle instabilities and long term injury problems.

Then we have the Cho-Pat Achilles Tendon Strap by Physioroom. It is designed such that it provides support for all the activities that requires a lot of running like Football & Squash. It specifically provides support for the push-off phase (when you start running), to avoids any Achilles tendon related injuries, and is great for those who have suffered with this issue. Using this strap along with certain therapies will provide you with immediate relief from Achilles tendon injuries. Their Bauerfeind AchilloTrain Achilles Tendon Support provides you with great support for heavily physical activities such as Football.

Back in the 90s the concept of an ankle brace was considered to be at the epitome of sports luxury. Players usually taped their ankles for a practice or a game. Then as the technology advanced in the late 90s and in the beginning of the new century, the ankle brace industry also started getting more mainstream. Competing against traditional taping, many companies came out with low price but far superior ankle braces to capture the market.

It is not the case that these are the only ankle brace manufacturers, you can have a look around the World Wide Web to know more. The braces discussed above are in no specific order. You can buy anyone of them based on your preferences. Just conduct a thorough  research before buying any brace, or maybe even try it out to make sure that it is comfortable and it doesn’t restrict you ankle movement in any way. Remember that if you’re not wearing the best ankle braces for football you could well regret it in the future if injury sets in and affects your hobby or even career.

Benefits of Ankle Braces

ankle brace ligaments

In athletes, sportspeople or people with pre-osteoporosis, one of the areas most prone to injury is the ankle joint. In fact one of the most common injuries among athletes is the ankle twist or sprain, resulting in making them sit out their own games or making their lives inactive, not to mention extremely stressful. In order to reduce the risks of such injuries the method of prophylactic ankle wrapping was introduced more than 60 years ago. The concept of ankle bracing has evolved from ankle taping. Nowadays ankle bracing is more popular among athletes than traditional taping and can be commonly found on the biggest sport and athletic arenas.

Find the best ankle braces on Amazon

An ankle brace operates by keeping a sprained or broken ankle from moving in a way that would prevent the injury from healing or re-injure the joints or bones of the ankle. In other words it supports the ankle joint during its healing process. To avoid further damage to the ankle during a game or any other activity that may put a lot of stress on the ankle, it may be protected by wearing ankle brace. Not only this but ankle braces are also helpful in preventing edema and swelling by compressing the area around the Achilles tendon and joint.

Ankle braces are generally preferred over the outdated taping method that uses only an ordinary tape to support muscles and tendons of the ankle. Ankle brace is specially designed to aid the rehabilitation of an ankle injury or simply provide much needed support to weak or injury susceptible ankle. For instance, one of the various types of ankle braces that are available is the ASO or Ankle Stabilizing Orthosis brace which is made from ballistic nylon. Its unique support system decreases pressure on the ankle joint and provides compression resulting in reduced swelling in just the right places. The adjustable nylon straps apply right amount of tension required by the ankle, rendering it more comfortable to wear. Moreover, ankle braces are being used instead of simple taping because they are self-applied, re adjustable and reusable. Financially, ankle braces are more cost-effective than taping in the long run. According to the estimates of the past, ankle taping is three or four times more expensive than ankle bracing over the course of a competitive session.

Another advantage of ankle braces is that they are available in market with different levels of support. Some companies even rate their braces with numbers, one that provides the mildest support is rated as no. 1 while no. 4 provides range-of-motion limitation for those who require maximum protection from re-injury. Other companies use words like mild, moderate or intense for rating levels of support of their ankle braces.

It is obvious that wrapping of the ankle, may it be bracing or taping, will continue to be a mainstay in the pre-practice or pre-competition routine, regardless of the fact that the effectiveness and technique of wrapping the ankle are not all in agreement. The benefits of ankle brace cannot be denied as it provides that much needed edge to any sports person by providing compression, support and comfort to the muscles, making them work more efficiently and effectively. These braces are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and with different features and levels of comforts. Selecting the right ankle brace that is apt to your ankle structure or type of injury is the key to experiencing all the benefits that ankle bracing has to offer.

What’s Best Ankle Brace For Sprains?

theoneA sprain as we all know is a stretch or a slight tear to our ligament. The most common place for sprain to occur is the ankle. An ankle sprain occurs due to falling, twisting of your ankle or when you perform some activities with your foot and can even happen when performing on the ground during sports. When there is stiffness, numbness, pain and swelling on your ankle joint, these are the symptoms of an ankle sprain. You can use an ankle brace in these circumstances to help your recovery as they are easy to use, adjustable and can be applied yourself with no need for assistance. Ankle brace is also very helpful in the prevention of further ankle injuries and provides stability, comfort and the confidence to perform to your highest in your chosen sport.

Mueller “The One” Ankle Brace

Mueller “The One” ankle brace has been dubbed as the most advanced sporting medical product available. It comes with adjustable straps which form a figure-8 pattern which makes it extra comfy. The side straps are anti-slip and help to prevent twisting while performing. This brace gives lot of support and grip to the ankle even when the ankle is sprained, strained, swollen or twisted. This provides lot of stability, decreases pain and inflammation, improves your joint functions and prevents further ankle injuries. The anti criss-cross side straps provides extra support, and can be adjusted even while your trainer or boot is still on. Cushioned and breathable tongue makes it very comfortable and this fits any foot. “The One” ankle brace boasts all of the following features:

  • Weighs 9.6 ounces
  • Highly rated and long lasting
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Breathable cushion tongue
  • Anti-microbial barrier
  • Fits both of your feet
  • Top elastic straps lock down all other straps
  • Anti-slip criss-cross side straps
  • Wear in shoes and adjustable
  • Perfect as a support for sprained, strained, twisted or swollen ankles
  • No latex or neoprene used

Mueller “The One” ankle brace is the highest used in all sprain types. This brace is an excellent support, comfortable, is durable and prevents the wear and tear of the ankle. The ankle is locked between the laces and straps to give perfect grip. Highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists for ankle sprains. This brace is a quality product and you will not regret buying it.


Mammoth XT ankle support is made to suit all age groups. It provides support for sprains, strains and also in arthritis pains and swelling. XT keeps the joints versatile and movable and neoprene provides comfort and warmth to the joint, much needed in ankle sprains. Relieves general ankle discomfort and sprains and is easy to wash. Its adjustable compression and design improves comfort level. XT comes with following features:

  • Perfect for ankle sprains, arthritis and ligament pains
  • Box weight 50g
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable compression
  • Soft and warm utilizing neoprene
  • Assists with the flexibility of the joint
  • Eases any stiffness
  • Recovery time is reduced dramatically
  • Ultimate comfort

Mammoth XT ankle support is superb for all ankle sprains, arthritis pains and even just for weak ankles. The adjustable compression helps control any swelling you are experiencing and immobilizes your injury. This assists your healing process as well as minimizing the pain.

Quality and reasonably priced this XT is an overall solution for ankle problems and sprains. Highly rated and recommended Mammoth XT ankle support is a fantastic product and gives its more expensive competitors a run for their money.