Best Ankle Braces of 2015: Our Recommendations

Lets get straight to the point, when it comes to your health then you can’t take any risks, and it is definitely worth going the extra mile to make sure you have the best products available. The best ankle braces in the world have been reviewed here on the site, and you can feel free to go through and look for more detail, but for those looking for the very best, we’ve packed them into this post to (hopefully) make your decision easy.

First recommended model: Active Ankle T2 - The average rating of 4.3/5 stars on amazon says it all.


Active Ankle Review

You can read our full review of the T2 on our site, but the gist is that it is one of the best braces you’re likely to find, with sports coaches and physios all around the world recommending them for use in sports and exercise. The rigid part of the brace offers a lot of support and though it is maybe not the most ‘comfortable’, that’s not what we need it for, and it does a great job of avoiding both types of sprains, and it is barely noticeable and certainly doesn’t cause any extra pain to wear it. Some have described it as ‘almost impossible’ to roll your ankle whilst wearing this, making it amazing for prevention of injury as well as recovering from longer term issues. Over 60% of people have given this a five star review on Amazon, telling you all you need to know about this incredible product.

McDavid 195 Deluxe Ankle Brace with Strap – Next Recommendation

The McDavid 195 is another best seller, and there’s a reason for that, it is exceptional quality and even verges on comfortable, with more material than the T2 and a wrap around, lace up design, and ‘figure six’ straps to help with support. It is less rigid in terms of material than the above, but that doesn’t mean it lacks in support and is great for avoiding injury and supporting the recovery from sprains or other ailments. The McDavid 195 fits either left or right ankle, so no need to worry about buying a unique model for each ankle, it’ll fit either with ease

Available in sizes from X Small to X Large, the McDavid has a 4.5 star average on reviews on amazon, which are extremely complimentary, with everyone from hikers to soccer players recommending this product for weak or recovering ankles.

Notable Mentions:

Some other models are great for specific needs, and you may be able to find one slightly more suited to your needs, if you have specialist problems such as PTTD or the recovery from torn ligaments. Models such as the specialized PTTD ankle support are great if that is your particular issue, but both the McDavid and the Cramer are so versatile that they come with my recommendation for almost every circumstance, and are very unlikely to let you down.

McDavid Neoprene 431 Ankle Sleeve Review

neoprene 431Having a bad ankle can be a huge problem in one’s life. A viable solution to injuries or even a method to prevent then is to get an ankle brace or sleeve. With so many on the market, the question becomes which one to buy. In this article, I will review one the most popular ankle braces for people with injuries, the McDavid Neoprene 431.

It is comfortable to wear, offers solid support, is flexible, and many doctors recommend it to their patients. So what makes the McDavid 431 such a good choice for so many people?


Here are the features of the McDavid Neoprene 431.

  • Latex-free to give the ultimate in comfort and therapy to the foot and ankle
  • Durable nylon fabric material
  • 4-way stretch which provides flexibility and comfort with support in every direction
  • Can fit left or right ankle
  • Comes in black
  • Sizes range from small to extra-large

Our Impressions

The McDavid Neoprene 431 was specifically made to help those with ankle injuries. But that does not mean you cannot use it to prevent one. It comes with some really nice features that make it worth your money. As you saw on the features list, it has 4-way stretch. This makes sure that you get compression in all directions. Additionally, that feature also helps in providing support all around your ankle. While it might seem unnecessary, it makes wearing the McDavid Neoprene 431 comfortable for the whole day.

Because of its design, it easily fits in many shoes. You can wear it all day, whether through sports, exercise or work and it will be just fine. It has no straps which makes putting it on quick and feel less bulky. At the same time, the absence of straps poses a challenge. It means you will not be able to adjust tightness to your liking.

The McDavid Neoprene 431 is made from very durable material. Despite being so cheap, it makes you feel like you will not be searching for another brace soon. The manufacturer says this is good for those with arthritis or tendon problems. Considering how well it performs, I believe this is true. Another proof is that is it highly recommended by doctors to patients with bad ankles.

But if you are into heavy sports, this might not be the most suitable choice. For things like running, brisk walking and the like, it will excel. But once you go beyond that, you might start to notice that it is not quite giving the rigidity you need. Basically, it is good for light to moderate exercise, walking and running for instance, or for light injuries.

What Others Are Saying

I visited Amazon to get a sense of what people are saying about the McDavid Neoprene 431. The majority is commending this brace for offering good compression, comfort and being durable. It is important to get the correct size as some have experienced problems when not focusing carefully on which size to buy.

Overall, it was rated 4 stars out of 5 on amazon.


If you have a bad ankle and need a brace to wear all day long, then you can take a look at the McDavid Neoprene 431. It is very affordable. But that does not affect its durability and the quality it offers. As long as you choose the correct size, you’re good to go! Comes with a high recommendation from us at

McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace Review – The McDavid #199

mcdavid lightweightMcDavid are one of the market leaders in the world of ankle braces and other sporting and medical products. In fact, at the time of me writing this, two of the top selling three models on the market are made by this manufacturer. Today we’re looking at their #199 model, usually just called the McDavid Lightweight. It is a favorite of athletes, both amateur and professional, as well as being an excellent choice for anyone with ankle ailments, recovering from injuries such as a sprain or ligament problem, and it is great for anyone with ailments such as PTTD, Tendinitis or other joint issues. Whatever your reasons for needing a brace, the McDavid Lightweight won’t let you down. We explain why in this article and full review.



First, a look at the full list of features of the Lightweight #199.

  • Designed to be lightweight, as the name suggests! This means it is a good choice for sporting activities or exercise as you barely notice it is there.
  • “Hydravent” ventilation system, as well as letting heat and moisture leave your foot and ankle, this keeps your foot feeling dry and lightweight. Nobody likes a soggy ankle brace.
  • Laced design to allow you to choose how tight you would like the brace to be. Great for personalizing to your own personal needs.
  • Fits left or right ankle.
  • Comes with McDavid’s protection level III. This is a rating system provided by the company, level III means it is perfect for any ailments and recovery from serious injuries, and in their words is the ‘ultimate level of support’. If you need something hard-wearing and reliable, even if you’ve got serious joint problems, this could be the brace for you.
  • Available in black or white and fits either ankle.
  • Spring steel stays and a sewn-in arch support.

What Others Have Said

So what is the consensus when it comes to the McDavid Lightweight? What do other reviews say? There is absolutely no denying that this is one of the best braces available. A look at Amazon shows you that hundreds of reviews have given this a 5 star rating. An average of 4.5/5 speaks for itself, and people with everything from a slight weakness and liability to roll their ankle to full blown ligament damage and even breaks have found this product extremely useful in both the recovery from, and prevention of injuries. Many describe it as the best brace they’ve used or the best they could find, and some users of the product have even reported miraculous comebacks from injury or even being able to participate in sports they couldn’t previously.



Price isn’t our first consideration. When looking for a medical product you can’t really make your decision based on what is cheap, but you’ll be pleased to find out that this is far from being one of the most expensive on the market, and at the price point you can pick it up, represents exceptional value for money, and great features at the modest price point.


McDavid are a prestigious company with a great history of providing medical and sporting equipment, and it is no surprise to me that this has become a favorite. It is rigid and firm and provides the utmost of support for your ankle without causing discomfort or being too heavy or difficult to wear, it doesn’t get in the way of any sporting activities. Whether you just want it to help you taking your dog for a walk or you’re looking for a return to rigorous sporting activities, I can’t recommend the McDavid Lightweight 199 highly enough. Our site is dedicated to bringing you the best ankle and knee braces and a fair assessment of their features and what they can do for you, and this is definitely one of the elite models.

McDavid 195 Review – Ultralight Ankle Brace With Strap

mcdavid ankleMcDavid are one of the leading names in the medical side of sport, and are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to support in both track and field. McDavid have been around since 1969 when their first product, a knee brace, came onto the market. They have made huge strides since then and the 195 ultralight ankle brace with strap.

Their mission statement is simple; “To be an essential part of every athlete’s training, motivation and success.” – but do they achieve this with the 195? Does it have enough features to justify being a great in the world of ankle support? We delve into one of the most successful and top selling products in its category on Amazon and beyond…



The clever design of the McDavid 195 incorporates a lace-up section for tightness and a clever figure six style strap which is easily adjustable so you can perfect the brace’s position in game without a lot of hassle. It is lightweight but doesn’t compromise on support in the process, managing to be sturdy in spite of its sleek design. This product fits both the left and right foot and comes in five sizes from XS – XL. The guide they offer to fitting is parallel to shoe sizes:

  • “XS: Men’s size 6-7, woman 7-8
  • S: Men’s size 8-9, woman 9-10
  • M: Men’s size 9-11, woman 10-12
  • L: Men’s size 11-13, woman 12-14
  • XL: Men’s size 14+, woman 15+”

mcdavidlogoThe manufacturer cleverly offer three different protection levels, named one, two and three (not rocket science, but easy to navigate!) This brace is a level three, which is the most protective of all, designed for those who want to be safe, and also designed for those who have suffered with injuries in the past, or just want to be sure they avoid them in the future, you don’t have to be suffering from a major ankle injury for this to be useful to you, it just provides a lot of help for your ankles and keeps you from eversion or inversion styles of sprain among other impact injuries.

What Others Have Said

anklewithstrapWith an exceptional 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, and being one of the best sellers whilst retaining this high rating is no mean feat, so what are the others saying?

Well, with that “level three” status from McDavid, it is hardly a surprise to see many people comment on how great these are for those who have suffered with weak or injured ankles, if you have struggled with that part of your body at any point then these are among the best on the market, making them great for either an individual ankle or for both. One comment that is seen again and again on the 195 reviews is how comfortable they can be. This is not a regular occurrence with ankle braces, and those who have read a lot of our other reviews will see that comfort is not always present among this brace’s competitors, making it a popular choice.


The sales figures and reviews we see are no surprise, arguably the most prestigious medical company making products for sports have pulled a rabbit out of the hat with an excellent product for those who are vulnerable in this area, or those who just want to sure up and be safe. These are 100% met with our approval, and we would happily recommend this product to those recovering from sprains or other problems. Great value for money, comfort and excellent quality. 10/10.