The Best Ankle Braces for Cheerleading

liberty ankle

Cheerleading is a great sport that requires a lot of agility, technique, and skill. While many people enjoy this sport everyday, it can also lead to injuries and pain sometimes. To prevent injuries and pain while performing, cheerleaders often use ankle braces to protect their ankles and feet from harm. Ankle braces are excellent for relieving stress in the ankle as well as allowing cheerleaders to stay fit and safe. There are several different types of ankle braces for cheerleaders to choose from, and they may be confused by the wide selection. But rest assured, with a little discretion, they can find the perfect ankle brace for them.

Liberty Ankle Support

A great ankle brace for cheerleaders in need of great ankle support is the Liberty Ankle Support. Created by Liberty, they can be bought online and in select sports stores for a very reasonable price. They are made of black, durable cloth that easily wraps around the wearer’s ankle, providing both flexibility and support. The material is designed to fit people of all sizes, and will not show any signs of wear and tear during use. Customers who buy the product only can even receive free shipping. All in all this ankle brace will satisfy all cheerleaders who need great support for their ankles.

Adidas AdiZero

Another great ankle brace for cheerleaders in need is the Adidas AdiZero Speedwrap Ankle Brace. Created by Adidas, a well-known sports company that makes great sports products, this ankle brace can be found online and in select sports stores. The brace is made of special anti-microbial fabrics which absorb sweat and bacteria and keep the wearer’s ankles and feet both dry and cool. They can fit almost any size cheerleader, and are both versatile and durable. For its relatively low price, customers are getting a very good deal for these braces. This brace is just as good, if not better, than its competitors, and it offers countless months of use without showing any signs of wear and tear. These braces are perfect for consumers, and they will no doubt enjoy the comfort they bring.

Mueller High Performance

A third option for cheerleaders in need of a great brace is the Mueller High Performance Ankle Brace. Created by Mueller, this brace can be found online and in sports stores on your local high street. It is made of flexible, elastic material, that can easily grip onto the wearer’s ankle and provide support and comfort. Cheerleaders can wear them while performing, and the braces will last for years without fail. These braces are great for consumers who need both support and flexibility.

Ankle braces can help cheerleaders stay both fit and healthy while performing. They can provide support for their ankles, and keep them from injuring themselves while cheering. There are many different types of braces available for consumers, and finding the right one for them may seem difficult. But with a little time, research, and discretion, all cheerleaders can find the perfect ankle brace for them, and enjoy the sport they love so much.

Mueller Lite Ankle Brace Review

muellerMueller are a top brand in the world of sports and medicine, and can be seen used all over the world in a huge amount of sports, they have a range of ankle support products, but this is one of their most popular braces, and top selling on Amazon. It is a one size fits all design, so no messing around trying to find your size with this, and it fits easily into your shoe, but does it live up to expectations? We give it the once over…



Hinged Design

This can be daunting at first, when people look at an ankle brace they want something comfortable, and at first glance this doesn’t necessarily look it. It has a semi rigid hinged design, which moves naturally up and down with the ankle as it flexes and moves, protecting very well against inversion and eversion type sprains.

In spite of being rigid and strong, it is surprisingly lightweight (actually maybe it isn’t that much of a surprise considering the name including the word lite’. It fits easily within your shoe and does well to avoid discomfort, in fact very few of the braces on the market are this subtle whilst remaining effective.

Easy Application

No laces required here, the one simple and large strap make this easy to put on, simply slide your foot in, pull the strap to the desired tightness and let the velcro do the rest. A word of warning from many of the reviews on amazon and elsewhere, try putting the strap on the higher end of the brace as if it is on the bottom it can rub on your heel, causing nasty blisters.

What to use this brace for?

This is one of the more versatile ankle braces you can buy, and does a great job in a huge amount of scenarios. Being so light and subtle it is perfect for using in your everyday life, and those with weak ankles who need it for things like walking often swear by this. Many use it for sports that require jumping to avoid rolling the ankle, so basketball and volleyball players are familiar with the work of Mueller…

Mueller the Brand

A little bit on the brand, Mueller, who unlike a lot of the other brands making similar products have a background in sports medicine rather than simply sports products. They’re a brand who aren’t just looking to cash in on those looking for ankle support, and they really care about peoples’ health, and have made a name for themselves helping people with their injuries.


The Mueller Lite is a great option for those looking for an everyday use or a sports related product to help with rehabilitation from injury or preventing problems in the first place. The pricing point is very reasonable, and at under $20 a piece they represent amazing value for money. Very few people have negative comments to say about the product, and though you may get more features for two or three times the price, compared to the other lower priced braces this is among the best.