Shock Doctor Ultra Wrap Lace Ankle Support Review

shockdoctor ultra wrapAn injury should not force you to live an inferior lifestyle. To avoid any ankle problems you may experience, you can use an ankle brace like the Shock Doctor Ultra. It is not only useful to those with an injury, any athlete in any kind of sports might find it useful in offering the best support for physical activities. If you have an injury, it is recommended to seek medical attention from a professional, but they may well recommend a brace or support, which brings us to to the Shock Doctor Support.


The Shock Doctor has all the things you would expect from a decent ankle brace. Here are the detailed features:

  • “Strap wrap” system featuring strapping over the top of lacing
  • Anti-slip silicon patterned footbed
  • Low-profile fit so that it doesn’t get in the way
  • Antimicrobial tech designed to avoid and reduce any bacteria which can lead to an unpleasant smell
  • Easy grip tabs for taking this off and putting it on


Starting with how easy to use the Shock Doctor is, I can confidently give it a decent score. You can put it on and take it off in a matter of seconds. The finger tabs are really useful in making sure you have a good grip when wearing it. Another advantage is how comfortable the Shock Doctor feels. But in my opinion, some may find it a little thin, Shock Doctor have other braces which are a bit more tough and offer even more support. You will especially feel this if you have used an ankle brace like the Ultra Zoom. But, on the other hand, if for example you work standing all the time and need an ankle brace for simple support or to avoid recurrence of injuries this is actually the best.

It is lightweight and like I said, thinner. So you will not have a had time getting it in your shoe. Again, its design makes it possible to be worn for the whole day with no discomfort. The cushions inside are really great at providing the comfort you would need. The support the Shock Doctor gives is also really good. You might feel some pain when you lace up too tightly so you are advised to find your optimum level of comfort.

As for flexibility, I find this a little more flexible than the ASO. But others might disagree as everybody’s foot is different. In its own right, this support is quite durable.

If we were to compare this with an ankle brace like ASO, I would say it would be a tie. Both have their pluses and minuses. But I think it all comes down to what you do. The ASO, for example, is might be bulky so for those who just need simple support it can be over the top and ridiculous, this one, however, is just fine.

What Others Are Saying

The Shock Doctor Ultra Wrap has received very favorable reviews from the public. On amazon, for example, it has accumulated 4.3 out of 5. Its ease of use and support are among some of the features it is being commended for in other reviews online.


If you have an ankle injury, getting a brace will help you in the healing process. The Shock Doctor Ultra Support is one such ankle brace. This brace is not only for those with injuries, if you are afraid of rolling your ankles, you can get yourself one as well. If you’re recovering from a very serious injury you might want something sturdier, but for most of us, this does the job perfectly.

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support Review

shockdocturultrMost of the time, you see people wearing knee sleeves at the gym, while jogging, or doing any kind of sport. It is not merely an accessory, it is actually necessary to prevent any kind of knee injury that might happen or those who already have injury but want to prevent more damage. However, wearing one does not completely eliminate the chances of injury especially if you are using a substandard product. You need to make sure that you would use a high quality knee support, with quality features and materials for the ultimate comfort and security and this is what Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support proudly offers. This is perfect not only for those who want to prevent injuries but also for those who are recovering from a knee injury. This helps them recover fast, easy, and comfortable.

What makes it a Good Knee Brace?

• Ultimate support – This knee support is highly recommended to protect and support your knees during extreme activities or workouts. It lets you do more with less worry that your knee might get injured. It is indeed an ultimate support for extreme routines.
• N-Tex design – It is professionally designed to allow sufficient airflow for you utmost comfort while wearing it. It also uses high quality materials to prevent moisture. N-Tex design to ensure that your knee would receive therapeutic warmth, which is absolutely perfect for muscle healing and support.
• Perfect fit – Tight fit is definitely great for support. However, it is very important to not over tighten it because that might cause minor injury or discomfort. Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support uses Velcro straps so you can easily adjust it on the fitting that you want. You might feel that it is too tight at first but allow the fabric and materials to stretch and you are sure to fit perfectly.
• High quality materials – All the materials that were used for this knee support is topnotch in quality. From the fabric up to the straps. It certainly goes beyond your expectations. It is truly a sturdy support for your knee.
• Modern look– You are sure to love its simple yet modern design, which definitely suits its latest features.
• Lightweight – This product weighs eight ounces only so it is very lightweight, with its weight and perfect fitting, you might even forget that you are wearing it. This product is specially made for support and your convenience at the same time.

Those are some of the characteristics that made Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support standout among other knee supports. However, this product is not used to cure a knee injury, it is always essential to seek professional help first for accurate solution. Remember to wear it not too tight to avoid soft tissue damage and for maximum performance. It is highly recommended by lots of reputable trainers and coaches for ultimate knee support and you can get it for a very reasonable price. Buy one now and get the best knee support that you deserve.

Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support Review

shockdoctor gel“Hardcore protection, fearless performance.” That’s the Shock Doctor slogan, and with more of us experiencing ankle problems and needing extra support that may not have even been available 20 or 30 years ago, Shock Doctor are one of the leading brands in the world of joint braces and supports. The model we’re looking at today is their Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support. It is one of the best selling ankle braces you’ll find in the world today, and it certainly looks the part, but does it live up to expectation? Is this the brace for you? Does the gel technology help? All the answers are below…

Features of the Ultra Gel Lace

First, a look at the features, so you know what to expect if you choose to purchase this ankle support.


  • Lace up wrap designed to maximize support offered by the brace
  • Gel cushions, hence the name, are a popular form of technology for use in ankle braces and offer flexibility and mold to the contours of your ankle whilst offering support.
  • Comes with an anti slipping footbed which is designed to stop you from slipping about and maximize your comfort.
  • Antimicrobial properties – this is a nice way of saying it stops your foot from smelling after use and odor building up on the brace, if you’re going to be doing a lot of exercise, trust me, this is a great feature!
  • The lacing system is small and in their words “low-profile” which means it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Provides both medial and lateral support but doesn’t need taping

Who Should Use This Brace?

Shock Doctor have their very own rating system for the levels of support on offer with their products, and who the product is appropriate for. The system rates products from 1-5, this being a 3. What does that mean exactly? Well, in their own words, that means a medium level of support, which is most appropriate for little strains and niggles and those recovering from medium to major sprains and tears of ligaments. The brace should not be used instead of medical attention, but is a good assistant to recovery, and great for those with weak ankles who are susceptible to injury during sports and other exercise.


The size of these correspond to the inches of your ankle. The chart below will tell you whether you need small, medium, large or extra large.

S 8–8.5
M 8.5–9
L 9–9.5
XL 9.5–10

What Others Have Said

This is an exceptionally well reviewed model of ankle brace, and a quick scan around the internet will tell you what people think, with recommendations from everyone from doctors to sportspeople to everyday users. Many are initially concerned about the size of the brace and whether it will get in their way during sporting activities, but the Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace fits neatly inside most soccer cleats or other sports shoes. Over 100 reviews on amazon bringing this in at over 4 stars really does show you what people think of the Shock Doctor Brace, and brand, who are becoming leaders in the world of ankle supports and other sports equipment.


Not the cheapest model out there, but one of the most convenient designs, and easy to use, as well as doing the main job, providing excellent support for your ankle and aiding the recovery from (or avoidance of) injuries. This model comes with our top recommendation.

Shock Doctor 845 Ankle Brace/Sleeve Review – Compression Wrap Support

shock doctor sleeveShock Doctor may be a catchy name and cool branding, but are they up to scratch when it comes to ankle braces? Do they have what it takes to offer you the support and protection you need in sports, running or just everyday use? We’re looking at the Shock Doctor 845, which isn’t always how you will find the product listed, but not to worry, there’s a link below so that you can find it easily if you’re thinking of purchasing one yourself.

The 845 is a cleverly designed and definitely has your comfort and ease in mind. It is simple to put on, the elastic mesh is flexible yet still supportive, so it isn’t excessively rigid and doesn’t hurt to put on or wear for prolonged periods, which is really important for those of us who need to play sports or do distance running or anything endurance related.

There isn’t a huge amount of information available online about the Shock Doctor ankle brace, which I think is to its detriment, as those who have used it tend to view it in a very fond light. The reviews on Amazon currently even out to roughly 4.5/5 which is quite an incredible ratio of people who find it very helpful.

Full Features of the Shock Doctor 845:

  • “Breathable” mesh material designed not only for comfort but to keep yourself cool as well and avoids a sticky, sweaty ankle.
  • Designed to support your ankle for long periods of time.
  • Two multi directional straps to control both the pressure being applied and the position of the brace on your ankle.
  • Helps healing from injuries and prevents injuries from occurring during sports.

What Others Have Said

Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve on Amazon

Being so well reviewed all across the internet there are plenty of quotes to pick out about the quality of this ankle sleeve, many people compliment how easy it is to use and what a great alternative it makes to strapping up the ankle with tape or likewise. Longevity is another thing many people have commented on, the amount of uses you can get out of these seems to be very impressive, with some supporting years of sturdy companionship from the Shock Doctor 845. Freedom is a word that crops up a lot too, no not in a William Wallace way, more in a still being able to move around during sports way, making this a great choice for soccer players, basketball players and other sports men and women!


If you want something lightweight, flexible and adjustable, this is the brace for you, reasonably priced, easy to put on and well thought out by the manufacturer, there’s very few who can find fault with the Shock Doctor range, and their intelligent and medically sound braces are worth giving a go to see if they suit your needs, however complex they may be.