McDavid 195 Review – Ultralight Ankle Brace With Strap

mcdavid ankleMcDavid are one of the leading names in the medical side of sport, and are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to support in both track and field. McDavid have been around since 1969 when their first product, a knee brace, came onto the market. They have made huge strides since then and the 195 ultralight ankle brace with strap.

Their mission statement is simple; “To be an essential part of every athlete’s training, motivation and success.” – but do they achieve this with the 195? Does it have enough features to justify being a great in the world of ankle support? We delve into one of the most successful and top selling products in its category on Amazon and beyond…



The clever design of the McDavid 195 incorporates a lace-up section for tightness and a clever figure six style strap which is easily adjustable so you can perfect the brace’s position in game without a lot of hassle. It is lightweight but doesn’t compromise on support in the process, managing to be sturdy in spite of its sleek design. This product fits both the left and right foot and comes in five sizes from XS – XL. The guide they offer to fitting is parallel to shoe sizes:

  • “XS: Men’s size 6-7, woman 7-8
  • S: Men’s size 8-9, woman 9-10
  • M: Men’s size 9-11, woman 10-12
  • L: Men’s size 11-13, woman 12-14
  • XL: Men’s size 14+, woman 15+”

mcdavidlogoThe manufacturer cleverly offer three different protection levels, named one, two and three (not rocket science, but easy to navigate!) This brace is a level three, which is the most protective of all, designed for those who want to be safe, and also designed for those who have suffered with injuries in the past, or just want to be sure they avoid them in the future, you don’t have to be suffering from a major ankle injury for this to be useful to you, it just provides a lot of help for your ankles and keeps you from eversion or inversion styles of sprain among other impact injuries.

What Others Have Said

anklewithstrapWith an exceptional 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, and being one of the best sellers whilst retaining this high rating is no mean feat, so what are the others saying?

Well, with that “level three” status from McDavid, it is hardly a surprise to see many people comment on how great these are for those who have suffered with weak or injured ankles, if you have struggled with that part of your body at any point then these are among the best on the market, making them great for either an individual ankle or for both. One comment that is seen again and again on the 195 reviews is how comfortable they can be. This is not a regular occurrence with ankle braces, and those who have read a lot of our other reviews will see that comfort is not always present among this brace’s competitors, making it a popular choice.


The sales figures and reviews we see are no surprise, arguably the most prestigious medical company making products for sports have pulled a rabbit out of the hat with an excellent product for those who are vulnerable in this area, or those who just want to sure up and be safe. These are 100% met with our approval, and we would happily recommend this product to those recovering from sprains or other problems. Great value for money, comfort and excellent quality. 10/10.


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