McDavid Lightweight Ankle Brace Review – The McDavid #199

mcdavid lightweightMcDavid are one of the market leaders in the world of ankle braces and other sporting and medical products. In fact, at the time of me writing this, two of the top selling three models on the market are made by this manufacturer. Today we’re looking at their #199 model, usually just called the McDavid Lightweight. It is a favorite of athletes, both amateur and professional, as well as being an excellent choice for anyone with ankle ailments, recovering from injuries such as a sprain or ligament problem, and it is great for anyone with ailments such as PTTD, Tendinitis or other joint issues. Whatever your reasons for needing a brace, the McDavid Lightweight won’t let you down. We explain why in this article and full review.



First, a look at the full list of features of the Lightweight #199.

  • Designed to be lightweight, as the name suggests! This means it is a good choice for sporting activities or exercise as you barely notice it is there.
  • “Hydravent” ventilation system, as well as letting heat and moisture leave your foot and ankle, this keeps your foot feeling dry and lightweight. Nobody likes a soggy ankle brace.
  • Laced design to allow you to choose how tight you would like the brace to be. Great for personalizing to your own personal needs.
  • Fits left or right ankle.
  • Comes with McDavid’s protection level III. This is a rating system provided by the company, level III means it is perfect for any ailments and recovery from serious injuries, and in their words is the ‘ultimate level of support’. If you need something hard-wearing and reliable, even if you’ve got serious joint problems, this could be the brace for you.
  • Available in black or white and fits either ankle.
  • Spring steel stays and a sewn-in arch support.

What Others Have Said

So what is the consensus when it comes to the McDavid Lightweight? What do other reviews say? There is absolutely no denying that this is one of the best braces available. A look at Amazon shows you that hundreds of reviews have given this a 5 star rating. An average of 4.5/5 speaks for itself, and people with everything from a slight weakness and liability to roll their ankle to full blown ligament damage and even breaks have found this product extremely useful in both the recovery from, and prevention of injuries. Many describe it as the best brace they’ve used or the best they could find, and some users of the product have even reported miraculous comebacks from injury or even being able to participate in sports they couldn’t previously.



Price isn’t our first consideration. When looking for a medical product you can’t really make your decision based on what is cheap, but you’ll be pleased to find out that this is far from being one of the most expensive on the market, and at the price point you can pick it up, represents exceptional value for money, and great features at the modest price point.


McDavid are a prestigious company with a great history¬†of providing medical and sporting equipment, and it is no surprise to me that this has become a favorite. It is rigid and firm and provides the utmost of support for your ankle without causing discomfort or being too heavy or difficult to wear, it doesn’t get in the way of any sporting activities. Whether you just want it to help you taking your dog for a walk or you’re looking for a return to rigorous sporting activities, I can’t recommend the McDavid Lightweight 199 highly enough. Our site is dedicated to bringing you the best ankle and knee braces and a fair assessment of their features and what they can do for you, and this is definitely one of the elite models.


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