McDavid Neoprene 431 Ankle Sleeve Review

neoprene 431Having a bad ankle can be a huge problem in one’s life. A viable solution to injuries or even a method to prevent then is to get an ankle brace or sleeve. With so many on the market, the question becomes which one to buy. In this article, I will review one the most popular ankle braces for people with injuries, the McDavid Neoprene 431.

It is comfortable to wear, offers solid support, is flexible, and many doctors recommend it to their patients. So what makes the McDavid 431 such a good choice for so many people?


Here are the features of the McDavid Neoprene 431.

  • Latex-free to give the ultimate in comfort and therapy to the foot and ankle
  • Durable nylon fabric material
  • 4-way stretch which provides flexibility and comfort with support in every direction
  • Can fit left or right ankle
  • Comes in black
  • Sizes range from small to extra-large

Our Impressions

The McDavid Neoprene 431 was specifically made to help those with ankle injuries. But that does not mean you cannot use it to prevent one. It comes with some really nice features that make it worth your money. As you saw on the features list, it has 4-way stretch. This makes sure that you get compression in all directions. Additionally, that feature also helps in providing support all around your ankle. While it might seem unnecessary, it makes wearing the McDavid Neoprene 431 comfortable for the whole day.

Because of its design, it easily fits in many shoes. You can wear it all day, whether through sports, exercise or work and it will be just fine. It has no straps which makes putting it on quick and feel less bulky. At the same time, the absence of straps poses a challenge. It means you will not be able to adjust tightness to your liking.

The McDavid Neoprene 431 is made from very durable material. Despite being so cheap, it makes you feel like you will not be searching for another brace soon. The manufacturer says this is good for those with arthritis or tendon problems. Considering how well it performs, I believe this is true. Another proof is that is it highly recommended by doctors to patients with bad ankles.

But if you are into heavy sports, this might not be the most suitable choice. For things like running, brisk walking and the like, it will excel. But once you go beyond that, you might start to notice that it is not quite giving the rigidity you need. Basically, it is good for light to moderate exercise, walking and running for instance, or for light injuries.

What Others Are Saying

I visited Amazon to get a sense of what people are saying about the McDavid Neoprene 431. The majority is commending this brace for offering good compression, comfort and being durable. It is important to get the correct size as some have experienced problems when not focusing carefully on which size to buy.

Overall, it was rated 4 stars out of 5 on amazon.


If you have a bad ankle and need a brace to wear all day long, then you can take a look at the McDavid Neoprene 431. It is very affordable. But that does not affect its durability and the quality it offers. As long as you choose the correct size, you’re good to go! Comes with a high recommendation from us at


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