Zensah Ankle Support Review

zensahankleIf you love physical activities, extreme sports, or exercises such as basketball, jogging, dancing, running, or even walking, you absolutely need to wear accurate apparel and use supports to prevent, or aid the recovery from any kind of injury – even a minor one. Although not technically an Ankle Brace, amazing support for your ankles is something which Zensah Ankle Support proudly offers. It is high quality sports apparel that efficiently supports your ankle to prevent injury and even muscle pain. Wearing one is highly recommended by many reputable trainers and it is commonly seen on most elite athletes. However, it is not only recommended for extreme sports or exercises because even walking and jogging can injure you or might cause pain on your ankle so it is better to prevent it early by using an ankle support.

Product description and Features:

• Ultimate Quality – Zensah Ankle Support is made up of 25% spandex and 75% nylon to ensure ultimate durability. It is smooth and not that thick so you can enjoy utmost comfort while using it.
• Relieves plantar fasciitis – a disease many suffer from, this is one of the best supports for the ailment due to compressing your “plantar fascia” ligament.
• Innovative design – It uses a horse shoe design to perfectly support your ankle and prevent any kind of injury and even soft tissue damage. It puts sufficient compression limiting unnecessary ankle movements that might lead to minor or severe injuries. This feature is not only great for preventing injuries but it is also perfect in treating one such as inflammation, plantar fasciitis, and many more . It improves efficient blood flow to heal the inflammation faster.
• Breathable materials – A combination of spandex and nylon definitely produces breathable finish product. This feature keeps sufficient airflow on your feet and keeps it dry all throughout your workout. It effectively wicks sweat and moisture so you can enjoy maximum performance and quality even after several hours of usage. It is certainly made for heavy-duty activities.
• Perfectly fit – It is stretchable to allow perfect fit on your ankle, you can wear it first, then your socks paired with your favorite rubber shoes. It is not easily stretched to prevent it from falling down on you ankle, with its high quality materials, you are sure to enjoy ultimate performance every time.
• Super lightweight – It is absolutely lightweight, which made it so comfortable to wear. You can wear it everyday or even overnight and won’t even feel a single pain. It fits perfectly to guarantee maximum support and convenience.
• Variety of colors and sizes – It comes in all sizes from small up to extra large and you can also choose from wide range of colors such as black, pink, beige, blue, grey, white, and neon pink.

Zensah Ankle support is rated at around 4 stars by Amazon users, which goes to show how excellent this product is. You can enjoy its amazing features for a very reasonable price, which makes it one of the top ankle supports available. People say that prevention is always better than cure and this ankle support absolutely does both. It can be an ultimate support for your ankle and it can also cure minor ankle injury. Buy one now and get ready to enjoy an extreme ankle support.

Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support Review

shockdocturultrMost of the time, you see people wearing knee sleeves at the gym, while jogging, or doing any kind of sport. It is not merely an accessory, it is actually necessary to prevent any kind of knee injury that might happen or those who already have injury but want to prevent more damage. However, wearing one does not completely eliminate the chances of injury especially if you are using a substandard product. You need to make sure that you would use a high quality knee support, with quality features and materials for the ultimate comfort and security and this is what Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support proudly offers. This is perfect not only for those who want to prevent injuries but also for those who are recovering from a knee injury. This helps them recover fast, easy, and comfortable.

What makes it a Good Knee Brace?

• Ultimate support – This knee support is highly recommended to protect and support your knees during extreme activities or workouts. It lets you do more with less worry that your knee might get injured. It is indeed an ultimate support for extreme routines.
• N-Tex design – It is professionally designed to allow sufficient airflow for you utmost comfort while wearing it. It also uses high quality materials to prevent moisture. N-Tex design to ensure that your knee would receive therapeutic warmth, which is absolutely perfect for muscle healing and support.
• Perfect fit – Tight fit is definitely great for support. However, it is very important to not over tighten it because that might cause minor injury or discomfort. Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support uses Velcro straps so you can easily adjust it on the fitting that you want. You might feel that it is too tight at first but allow the fabric and materials to stretch and you are sure to fit perfectly.
• High quality materials – All the materials that were used for this knee support is topnotch in quality. From the fabric up to the straps. It certainly goes beyond your expectations. It is truly a sturdy support for your knee.
• Modern look– You are sure to love its simple yet modern design, which definitely suits its latest features.
• Lightweight – This product weighs eight ounces only so it is very lightweight, with its weight and perfect fitting, you might even forget that you are wearing it. This product is specially made for support and your convenience at the same time.

Those are some of the characteristics that made Shock Doctor Ultra Knee Support standout among other knee supports. However, this product is not used to cure a knee injury, it is always essential to seek professional help first for accurate solution. Remember to wear it not too tight to avoid soft tissue damage and for maximum performance. It is highly recommended by lots of reputable trainers and coaches for ultimate knee support and you can get it for a very reasonable price. Buy one now and get the best knee support that you deserve.

Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support Review

shockdoctor gel“Hardcore protection, fearless performance.” That’s the Shock Doctor slogan, and with more of us experiencing ankle problems and needing extra support that may not have even been available 20 or 30 years ago, Shock Doctor are one of the leading brands in the world of joint braces and supports. The model we’re looking at today is their Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support. It is one of the best selling ankle braces you’ll find in the world today, and it certainly looks the part, but does it live up to expectation? Is this the brace for you? Does the gel technology help? All the answers are below…

Features of the Ultra Gel Lace

First, a look at the features, so you know what to expect if you choose to purchase this ankle support.


  • Lace up wrap designed to maximize support offered by the brace
  • Gel cushions, hence the name, are a popular form of technology for use in ankle braces and offer flexibility and mold to the contours of your ankle whilst offering support.
  • Comes with an anti slipping footbed which is designed to stop you from slipping about and maximize your comfort.
  • Antimicrobial properties – this is a nice way of saying it stops your foot from smelling after use and odor building up on the brace, if you’re going to be doing a lot of exercise, trust me, this is a great feature!
  • The lacing system is small and in their words “low-profile” which means it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Provides both medial and lateral support but doesn’t need taping

Who Should Use This Brace?

Shock Doctor have their very own rating system for the levels of support on offer with their products, and who the product is appropriate for. The system rates products from 1-5, this being a 3. What does that mean exactly? Well, in their own words, that means a medium level of support, which is most appropriate for little strains and niggles and those recovering from medium to major sprains and tears of ligaments. The brace should not be used instead of medical attention, but is a good assistant to recovery, and great for those with weak ankles who are susceptible to injury during sports and other exercise.


The size of these correspond to the inches of your ankle. The chart below will tell you whether you need small, medium, large or extra large.

S 8–8.5
M 8.5–9
L 9–9.5
XL 9.5–10

What Others Have Said

This is an exceptionally well reviewed model of ankle brace, and a quick scan around the internet will tell you what people think, with recommendations from everyone from doctors to sportspeople to everyday users. Many are initially concerned about the size of the brace and whether it will get in their way during sporting activities, but the Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace fits neatly inside most soccer cleats or other sports shoes. Over 100 reviews on amazon bringing this in at over 4 stars really does show you what people think of the Shock Doctor Brace, and brand, who are becoming leaders in the world of ankle supports and other sports equipment.


Not the cheapest model out there, but one of the most convenient designs, and easy to use, as well as doing the main job, providing excellent support for your ankle and aiding the recovery from (or avoidance of) injuries. This model comes with our top recommendation.

Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support Review

bracoo breathableBracoo are perhaps not the best known manufacturer of sports and medical products out there, but currently their Neoprene ankle support sits at the top of Amazon’s best sellers list when it comes to ankle braces. So what is it about the Bracoo breathable that makes it so well regarded, and sees it on the ankle of so many sportspeople, athletes and more around the world?

Features of the Bracoo Breathable Neoprene Ankle Support

The first thing to mention about the brace is that it is one size fits all, which takes a lot of the hassle out of the purchase. A lot of braces aren’t exactly the same as shoe sizes and it can take some experimenting to get a comfortable fit. The cleverly adjustable design of this means that this is not an issue, and it fits up to a US11 size shoe with no worries.

The material that this is made out of is a feature introduced by the manufacturer for a few reasons, it keeps in the heat which is good not only for comfort but for the muscles and joint in question, and also it is smooth and avoids skin irritation, there is little worse as an athlete than discomfort in the feet and ankles and having fixed your ankle issues the last thing you want is blisters or other painful skin ailments.

The ‘contour design’ means that it will mold itself to your own foot, again, great for your comfort, the straps are in place to give you control of the distribution and strength of support, and for an affordable, easy to apply brace this is full of flexibility, making it one of the most versatile products in this space.

The open heel design is something we see quite often in ankle braces and is there to allow freedom and flexibility, leaving the heel uncovered feels a lot better than having it wrapped and uncomfortable.

The Price

Price will no doubt play a part in your decision of whether to buy or not. If you are buying braces for both ankles then it can become expensive, but fortunately with the Bracoo breathable this is not the case, although the original RRP is around $40 you can pick them up a lot cheaper than this, which contributes to why it sells so well.

What Others Have Said

Customer Reviews

bracoo applicatioNaturally for such a high selling product there are tons of reviews out there, both on online retailers and other websites. The only criticism I have seen is that this is a soft brace, which is a good thing for many of us but if you are doing strenuous exercise you may need something a bit more sturdy. Many users are joggers, walkers or those looking for an ankle brace for everyday use, for which the Bracoo is perfect. The vast majority of ankle brace reviews for this are positive, usually getting a 4 or 5 star review on Amazon, and elsewhere.


If you are looking for an affordable, everyday ankle brace then the Bracoo breathable Neoprene ankle support could well be the one for you! There’s a reason it sells so well, and very few find themselves disappointed when buying this brace.

Shock Doctor 845 Ankle Brace/Sleeve Review – Compression Wrap Support

shock doctor sleeveShock Doctor may be a catchy name and cool branding, but are they up to scratch when it comes to ankle braces? Do they have what it takes to offer you the support and protection you need in sports, running or just everyday use? We’re looking at the Shock Doctor 845, which isn’t always how you will find the product listed, but not to worry, there’s a link below so that you can find it easily if you’re thinking of purchasing one yourself.

The 845 is a cleverly designed and definitely has your comfort and ease in mind. It is simple to put on, the elastic mesh is flexible yet still supportive, so it isn’t excessively rigid and doesn’t hurt to put on or wear for prolonged periods, which is really important for those of us who need to play sports or do distance running or anything endurance related.

There isn’t a huge amount of information available online about the Shock Doctor ankle brace, which I think is to its detriment, as those who have used it tend to view it in a very fond light. The reviews on Amazon currently even out to roughly 4.5/5 which is quite an incredible ratio of people who find it very helpful.

Full Features of the Shock Doctor 845:

  • “Breathable” mesh material designed not only for comfort but to keep yourself cool as well and avoids a sticky, sweaty ankle.
  • Designed to support your ankle for long periods of time.
  • Two multi directional straps to control both the pressure being applied and the position of the brace on your ankle.
  • Helps healing from injuries and prevents injuries from occurring during sports.

What Others Have Said

Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve on Amazon

Being so well reviewed all across the internet there are plenty of quotes to pick out about the quality of this ankle sleeve, many people compliment how easy it is to use and what a great alternative it makes to strapping up the ankle with tape or likewise. Longevity is another thing many people have commented on, the amount of uses you can get out of these seems to be very impressive, with some supporting years of sturdy companionship from the Shock Doctor 845. Freedom is a word that crops up a lot too, no not in a William Wallace way, more in a still being able to move around during sports way, making this a great choice for soccer players, basketball players and other sports men and women!


If you want something lightweight, flexible and adjustable, this is the brace for you, reasonably priced, easy to put on and well thought out by the manufacturer, there’s very few who can find fault with the Shock Doctor range, and their intelligent and medically sound braces are worth giving a go to see if they suit your needs, however complex they may be.

McDavid 195 Review – Ultralight Ankle Brace With Strap

mcdavid ankleMcDavid are one of the leading names in the medical side of sport, and are constantly pushing the envelope when it comes to support in both track and field. McDavid have been around since 1969 when their first product, a knee brace, came onto the market. They have made huge strides since then and the 195 ultralight ankle brace with strap.

Their mission statement is simple; “To be an essential part of every athlete’s training, motivation and success.” – but do they achieve this with the 195? Does it have enough features to justify being a great in the world of ankle support? We delve into one of the most successful and top selling products in its category on Amazon and beyond…



The clever design of the McDavid 195 incorporates a lace-up section for tightness and a clever figure six style strap which is easily adjustable so you can perfect the brace’s position in game without a lot of hassle. It is lightweight but doesn’t compromise on support in the process, managing to be sturdy in spite of its sleek design. This product fits both the left and right foot and comes in five sizes from XS – XL. The guide they offer to fitting is parallel to shoe sizes:

  • “XS: Men’s size 6-7, woman 7-8
  • S: Men’s size 8-9, woman 9-10
  • M: Men’s size 9-11, woman 10-12
  • L: Men’s size 11-13, woman 12-14
  • XL: Men’s size 14+, woman 15+”

mcdavidlogoThe manufacturer cleverly offer three different protection levels, named one, two and three (not rocket science, but easy to navigate!) This brace is a level three, which is the most protective of all, designed for those who want to be safe, and also designed for those who have suffered with injuries in the past, or just want to be sure they avoid them in the future, you don’t have to be suffering from a major ankle injury for this to be useful to you, it just provides a lot of help for your ankles and keeps you from eversion or inversion styles of sprain among other impact injuries.

What Others Have Said

anklewithstrapWith an exceptional 4.5/5 stars on Amazon, and being one of the best sellers whilst retaining this high rating is no mean feat, so what are the others saying?

Well, with that “level three” status from McDavid, it is hardly a surprise to see many people comment on how great these are for those who have suffered with weak or injured ankles, if you have struggled with that part of your body at any point then these are among the best on the market, making them great for either an individual ankle or for both. One comment that is seen again and again on the 195 reviews is how comfortable they can be. This is not a regular occurrence with ankle braces, and those who have read a lot of our other reviews will see that comfort is not always present among this brace’s competitors, making it a popular choice.


The sales figures and reviews we see are no surprise, arguably the most prestigious medical company making products for sports have pulled a rabbit out of the hat with an excellent product for those who are vulnerable in this area, or those who just want to sure up and be safe. These are 100% met with our approval, and we would happily recommend this product to those recovering from sprains or other problems. Great value for money, comfort and excellent quality. 10/10.

Mueller Lite Ankle Brace Review

muellerMueller are a top brand in the world of sports and medicine, and can be seen used all over the world in a huge amount of sports, they have a range of ankle support products, but this is one of their most popular braces, and top selling on Amazon. It is a one size fits all design, so no messing around trying to find your size with this, and it fits easily into your shoe, but does it live up to expectations? We give it the once over…



Hinged Design

This can be daunting at first, when people look at an ankle brace they want something comfortable, and at first glance this doesn’t necessarily look it. It has a semi rigid hinged design, which moves naturally up and down with the ankle as it flexes and moves, protecting very well against inversion and eversion type sprains.

In spite of being rigid and strong, it is surprisingly lightweight (actually maybe it isn’t that much of a surprise considering the name including the word lite’. It fits easily within your shoe and does well to avoid discomfort, in fact very few of the braces on the market are this subtle whilst remaining effective.

Easy Application

No laces required here, the one simple and large strap make this easy to put on, simply slide your foot in, pull the strap to the desired tightness and let the velcro do the rest. A word of warning from many of the reviews on amazon and elsewhere, try putting the strap on the higher end of the brace as if it is on the bottom it can rub on your heel, causing nasty blisters.

What to use this brace for?

This is one of the more versatile ankle braces you can buy, and does a great job in a huge amount of scenarios. Being so light and subtle it is perfect for using in your everyday life, and those with weak ankles who need it for things like walking often swear by this. Many use it for sports that require jumping to avoid rolling the ankle, so basketball and volleyball players are familiar with the work of Mueller…

Mueller the Brand

A little bit on the brand, Mueller, who unlike a lot of the other brands making similar products have a background in sports medicine rather than simply sports products. They’re a brand who aren’t just looking to cash in on those looking for ankle support, and they really care about peoples’ health, and have made a name for themselves helping people with their injuries.


The Mueller Lite is a great option for those looking for an everyday use or a sports related product to help with rehabilitation from injury or preventing problems in the first place. The pricing point is very reasonable, and at under $20 a piece they represent amazing value for money. Very few people have negative comments to say about the product, and though you may get more features for two or three times the price, compared to the other lower priced braces this is among the best.

Cramer Active Ankle T2 Brace Review

t2 activeCramer’s Active Ankle models are some of the most famous ankle braces on the market. Renowned for being very sturdy and helpful for sports men and women from all sorts of backgrounds, these show a lot of promise for those looking for a new ankle brace, but do they live up to the hype? Are they the brace you’ve been waiting for?


  • Excellent for all sports, particularly those involving jumping, volleyball and netball as well as basketball and many others.
  • Adjustable with a single strap design, no awkward tying up, just strap up and you’re good to go.
  • EVA padding which keeps comfort to a maximum.
  • Bilateral hinge design which lets you move freely with no pain or awkwardness.
  • U Shape design ensuring pressure doesn’t apply to the ankle brace.

In Use

The active ankle T2 is a step up from its predecessor, the T1. It manages to be both more lightweight and more sturdy, which is no mean feat. As already mentioned, these are hugely popular with any jumping sports or court sports with a hard surface to play on, with volleyball and basketball players swearing by them for support. The discomfort cause by the braces when they re brand new is inevitable, but given a wear or two they will adjust and start to feel a lot more natural when you wear them.

A quick glance at Amazon reviews shows us a wide variety of stories from a lot of different users, with almost all of them leaving a five star review for this product. It appears to have an excellent track record for both preventing injuries and aiding the recovery and rehabilitation from ankle troubles in sports. One user even commenting that she “can’t bare to play any sports without a T2 ankle brace” – some testimonial for a very good product.

Top Tip

The one criticism I have seen (and it isn’t a huge one) is the size of the Cramer T2. They’re not renowned for being particularly generous in sizing, which isn’t a huge issue, but does mean that buying a size up from the usual is probably a wise move, don’t forget it is adjustable so you can make sure it is comfortable for you.


I consider myself a connoisseur of ankle braces and related products, and the T2 is an exceptional specimen! It allows free movement, it is excellently padded and comfortable after it has been broken in and it has such a great track record of helping people in their sporting endeavors. The price tag is certainly not unreasonable, and while I am not saying it is a fix all solution for anyone with ankle problems, it certainly would be one of the first products I tried if experiencing any sort of issues.

The Active Ankle T2 is sold singularly in most cases, so if you plan to use two don’t forget to order multiples.

Aircast A60 Review: Excellent Ankle Brace from Aircast

aircast a60Any regular visitors to our site will be aware that one of the most common sports and physical activity related injuries is the ankle sprains, continual ankle injuries can be a massive problem in sports or everyday life. That is why Aircast came up with an effective ankle brace to provide support for ankle specially its weakest point, provide comfort, and help us all out in the ankle protection or even rehabilitation and healing process. Aircast, arguably the number one provider of ankle braces in the world, is the manufacturer of the Aircast A60.

This ankle brace was originally designed for jumping athletes, but has been adopted by all sorts of sports stars. One of the famous users of this product is Andy Murray, a renowned top tennis player in the world. Andy Murray suffered from injury problems that prevented him from joining some high profile competitions and struggled early on in his career. According to some testimonies, Aircast A60 brace really helped Andy Murray during his ankle rehabilitation process. This product is not only effective for athletes but also for common folks that need assistance in treating some of the ankle injuries.

Aircast A60 Product Description

Aircast A60 ankle brace is  designed to give protection and comfort, especially for athletes and sports men and women but for everyday use too. It has an effective and sturdy stabilizer shaped at (you’ve guessed it) 60 degree angle. This feature helps to prevent ankle sprains and stops you from rolling on the ankle at any point. Breathable materials like “Breath-O-Prene” Fabric are used to keep a really high (and necessary) amount of comfort even while playing sports. Aircraft A60 ankle brace is very user friendly because it is so easy to wear and has an easy adjustable application, meaning that you can  get rid of the time-consuming lacing, because this product is controlled by a single strap.


The function of Aircraft A60 ankle brace is to stabilize the ankle, prevent inversion and other rolls and injuries,  lessen pain, enhance ankle joint function, and improve endurance.

Aircraft A60 ankle brace is a sports brace that serve as an ankle support and protection. It is of great help when you are recovering from ankle fracture and some ankle injuries like the following;

Chronic Ankle Instability- this is usually caused by repeated ankle sprains. Known better to most as just the ankle starting to “give way”, particularly later side (outer side) of the ankle. This is really usually experienced by athletes who have had a lot of sprains that are not completely healed or rehabilitated.

Ankle Syndesmosis – it involves the ligaments above the ankle point, right where the ligaments connect to the leg at the top and the tibial and fibial bones, and because of that, this ailment is often referred to as “high ankle sprain”.

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome – This has a scientific name also but is easier referred to as tarsal tunnel. This consists of the compression or tightening of a part of the ankle and leg known as the tibial nerve.

Aircraft A60 ankle brace comes highly recommended during ankle rehabilitation for it does provide comfort for user and fast recovery for the ankle injuries, it is tried and tested when it comes to helping with injuries, hence its use by top athletes.

There are many positive reviews about Aircraft A60 ankle brace. Most common users are players of badminton, tennis, jumping athletics and more. It can be tough to get used to wearing but eventually, you will absolutely appreciate the benefits it brings.

Best Ankle Braces for Hiking

ASOThe market for ankle braces is a wide and sometimes complicated one. Different braces have different uses and design features. Rehabilitation braces for an existing injury are often very likely to be excessively restrictive for those who are merely looking for a bit of extra support. Similarly anyone looking for a brace in order to prevent a recurring injury will need a specific type of protection. The type of brace that is best for you of course also depends on the activities for which you intend to use it and your own physical state. Here we will look at some of the best ankle braces for hiking, those that are strong enough to cope with rugged terrain whilst giving flexibility and support over long distances and strenuous exercise.

Active T2 Professional ankle supports are available from Amazon for around $60. The T2 is an extremely lightweight and securely fitted product. It is designed to allow the user a high level of flexibility and good bi-lateral support for their joints. The range extends to a very wide range of shoe sizes so it should be possible to find a comfortable and personalised fit. The T2 has a U-shape design and aims to provide protection from both inversion and eversion injuries. The strap is adjustable so it can be fitted to either high top or low top shoes and each strap can be used on either the left or right foot. The T2 is a functional and comfy ankle support that is aimed at prevention of injuries rather than rehabilitation and recuperation.

ASO Ankle Stabilisers (standing for Ankle Stabilising Orthosis) are available from Amazon for less than $30. Unlike the Active T2 the ASO Stabilisers only don’t come in shoe sizes (x small, small, medium, large, X large or XX large). There is a guide when ordering on what size would be appropriate, depending on ankle measurements. Like the Active T2 the ASO can fit either foot. The ASO stabilisers include additional flexible plastic medial and lateral stays. These can be attached to provide extra support to the desired areas. The design is slightly more tough and robust than the Active product and is built with those recovering from strains, sprains and injuries in mind, so if you’re hiking with a niggle this could be the one for you.

McDavid Ankle Guards are available from Amazon for between $10 and $60. The price difference depends on the size being purchased with more unusual (and therefore rare) foot sizes being the most expensive models. It is a large, laced product designed to give comprehensive support to the ankle. Unfortunately the size means some hikers may find it a little uncomfortable or impractical. It is made from durable vinyl and nylon plastic meaning the device is robust while also offering a good level of flexibility and movement. The McDavid’s are designed as a ‘catch-all’ product. They can be used during rehabilitation from an injury, and then afterwards as injury prevention. They should be particularly appealing to those who regularly suffer ankle sprains and strains.

The three products described are all appropriate for hikers and offer support from a mixture of strain and sprain types. The Active would be ideal for one looking to avoid injuries whereas the other two are geared towards rehabilitation.