Shock Doctor 845 Ankle Brace/Sleeve Review – Compression Wrap Support

shock doctor sleeveShock Doctor may be a catchy name and cool branding, but are they up to scratch when it comes to ankle braces? Do they have what it takes to offer you the support and protection you need in sports, running or just everyday use? We’re looking at the Shock Doctor 845, which isn’t always how you will find the product listed, but not to worry, there’s a link below so that you can find it easily if you’re thinking of purchasing one yourself.

The 845 is a cleverly designed and definitely has your comfort and ease in mind. It is simple to put on, the elastic mesh is flexible yet still supportive, so it isn’t excessively rigid and doesn’t hurt to put on or wear for prolonged periods, which is really important for those of us who need to play sports or do distance running or anything endurance related.

There isn’t a huge amount of information available online about the Shock Doctor ankle brace, which I think is to its detriment, as those who have used it tend to view it in a very fond light. The reviews on Amazon currently even out to roughly 4.5/5 which is quite an incredible ratio of people who find it very helpful.

Full Features of the Shock Doctor 845:

  • “Breathable” mesh material designed not only for comfort but to keep yourself cool as well and avoids a sticky, sweaty ankle.
  • Designed to support your ankle for long periods of time.
  • Two multi directional straps to control both the pressure being applied and the position of the brace on your ankle.
  • Helps healing from injuries and prevents injuries from occurring during sports.

What Others Have Said

Shock Doctor Ankle Sleeve on Amazon

Being so well reviewed all across the internet there are plenty of quotes to pick out about the quality of this ankle sleeve, many people compliment how easy it is to use and what a great alternative it makes to strapping up the ankle with tape or likewise. Longevity is another thing many people have commented on, the amount of uses you can get out of these seems to be very impressive, with some supporting years of sturdy companionship from the Shock Doctor 845. Freedom is a word that crops up a lot too, no not in a William Wallace way, more in a still being able to move around during sports way, making this a great choice for soccer players, basketball players and other sports men and women!


If you want something lightweight, flexible and adjustable, this is the brace for you, reasonably priced, easy to put on and well thought out by the manufacturer, there’s very few who can find fault with the Shock Doctor range, and their intelligent and medically sound braces are worth giving a go to see if they suit your needs, however complex they may be.


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