Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support Review

shockdoctor gel“Hardcore protection, fearless performance.” That’s the Shock Doctor slogan, and with more of us experiencing ankle problems and needing extra support that may not have even been available 20 or 30 years ago, Shock Doctor are one of the leading brands in the world of joint braces and supports. The model we’re looking at today is their Ultra Gel Lace Ankle Support. It is one of the best selling ankle braces you’ll find in the world today, and it certainly looks the part, but does it live up to expectation? Is this the brace for you? Does the gel technology help? All the answers are below…

Features of the Ultra Gel Lace

First, a look at the features, so you know what to expect if you choose to purchase this ankle support.


  • Lace up wrap designed to maximize support offered by the brace
  • Gel cushions, hence the name, are a popular form of technology for use in ankle braces and offer flexibility and mold to the contours of your ankle whilst offering support.
  • Comes with an anti slipping footbed which is designed to stop you from slipping about and maximize your comfort.
  • Antimicrobial properties – this is a nice way of saying it stops your foot from smelling after use and odor building up on the brace, if you’re going to be doing a lot of exercise, trust me, this is a great feature!
  • The lacing system is small and in their words “low-profile” which means it doesn’t get in the way.
  • Provides both medial and lateral support but doesn’t need taping

Who Should Use This Brace?

Shock Doctor have their very own rating system for the levels of support on offer with their products, and who the product is appropriate for. The system rates products from 1-5, this being a 3. What does that mean exactly? Well, in their own words, that means a medium level of support, which is most appropriate for little strains and niggles and those recovering from medium to major sprains and tears of ligaments. The brace should not be used instead of medical attention, but is a good assistant to recovery, and great for those with weak ankles who are susceptible to injury during sports and other exercise.


The size of these correspond to the inches of your ankle. The chart below will tell you whether you need small, medium, large or extra large.

S 8–8.5
M 8.5–9
L 9–9.5
XL 9.5–10

What Others Have Said

This is an exceptionally well reviewed model of ankle brace, and a quick scan around the internet will tell you what people think, with recommendations from everyone from doctors to sportspeople to everyday users. Many are initially concerned about the size of the brace and whether it will get in their way during sporting activities, but the Shock Doctor Ultra Gel Lace fits neatly inside most soccer cleats or other sports shoes. Over 100 reviews on amazon bringing this in at over 4 stars really does show you what people think of the Shock Doctor Brace, and brand, who are becoming leaders in the world of ankle supports and other sports equipment.


Not the cheapest model out there, but one of the most convenient designs, and easy to use, as well as doing the main job, providing excellent support for your ankle and aiding the recovery from (or avoidance of) injuries. This model comes with our top recommendation.


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