What’s Best Ankle Brace For Sprains?

theoneA sprain as we all know is a stretch or a slight tear to our ligament. The most common place for sprain to occur is the ankle. An ankle sprain occurs due to falling, twisting of your ankle or when you perform some activities with your foot and can even happen when performing on the ground during sports. When there is stiffness, numbness, pain and swelling on your ankle joint, these are the symptoms of an ankle sprain. You can use an ankle brace in these circumstances to help your recovery as they are easy to use, adjustable and can be applied yourself with no need for assistance. Ankle brace is also very helpful in the prevention of further ankle injuries and provides stability, comfort and the confidence to perform to your highest in your chosen sport.

Mueller “The One” Ankle Brace

Mueller “The One” ankle brace has been dubbed as the most advanced sporting medical product available. It comes with adjustable straps which form a figure-8 pattern which makes it extra comfy. The side straps are anti-slip and help to prevent twisting while performing. This brace gives lot of support and grip to the ankle even when the ankle is sprained, strained, swollen or twisted. This provides lot of stability, decreases pain and inflammation, improves your joint functions and prevents further ankle injuries. The anti criss-cross side straps provides extra support, and can be adjusted even while your trainer or boot is still on. Cushioned and breathable tongue makes it very comfortable and this fits any foot. “The One” ankle brace boasts all of the following features:

  • Weighs 9.6 ounces
  • Highly rated and long lasting
  • Light weight and comfortable
  • Breathable cushion tongue
  • Anti-microbial barrier
  • Fits both of your feet
  • Top elastic straps lock down all other straps
  • Anti-slip criss-cross side straps
  • Wear in shoes and adjustable
  • Perfect as a support for sprained, strained, twisted or swollen ankles
  • No latex or neoprene used

Mueller “The One” ankle brace is the highest used in all sprain types. This brace is an excellent support, comfortable, is durable and prevents the wear and tear of the ankle. The ankle is locked between the laces and straps to give perfect grip. Highly recommended by doctors and physiotherapists for ankle sprains. This brace is a quality product and you will not regret buying it.


Mammoth XT ankle support is made to suit all age groups. It provides support for sprains, strains and also in arthritis pains and swelling. XT keeps the joints versatile and movable and neoprene provides comfort and warmth to the joint, much needed in ankle sprains. Relieves general ankle discomfort and sprains and is easy to wash. Its adjustable compression and design improves comfort level. XT comes with following features:

  • Perfect for ankle sprains, arthritis and ligament pains
  • Box weight 50g
  • Machine washable
  • Adjustable compression
  • Soft and warm utilizing neoprene
  • Assists with the flexibility of the joint
  • Eases any stiffness
  • Recovery time is reduced dramatically
  • Ultimate comfort

Mammoth XT ankle support is superb for all ankle sprains, arthritis pains and even just for weak ankles. The adjustable compression helps control any swelling you are experiencing and immobilizes your injury. This assists your healing process as well as minimizing the pain.

Quality and reasonably priced this XT is an overall solution for ankle problems and sprains. Highly rated and recommended Mammoth XT ankle support is a fantastic product and gives its more expensive competitors a run for their money.


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